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Sensors to rely on

It is extremely important to achieve good indoor air quality (IAQ) and all ventilation systems rely on the sensor to provide information, so that an informed decision can be made on the buildings operation…

What happens when your Air Quality Sensor is not working properly?

Simple, it means the building management system and ventilation are not working effectively or efficiently and employee’s productivity is greatly affected this is known as SBS: Sick Building Syndrome!

Majority of CO2 sensors use Single Beam Technology and this type sensor requires annual calibration (When did you last calibrate your CO2 sensors?) These are NOT suitable for 24/7 applications such as Hospitals, Hotels and 24hr Supermarkets as they need to reset back to the factory base level every 24hrs and will switch off for a number of hours to achieve this…

BAPI’s Award Winning CO2 & VOC sensors use the latest technology meaning they can be used in any application including (24/7) and are guaranteed to provide accurate measurements for 5 Years, so no need for costly annual maintenance visits to recalibrate the sensor. BAPI ...it’s in the details

Features and benefits

• Dual Channel Technology
Suitable for All Applications Including (24/7)
No Drift or Annual Calibration Required
Fit and Forget for 5 Years

• Visual Traffic Light Indication
Provides quick and easy reference
Green Good, Amber Fair & Red Bad

• Automatic Barometric & Temperature Compensation
Works at any Altitude and any Weather Condition

• Calibrated CO2 Sensor
Ready to Monitor in 2mins

• CO2 Range 0 to 2,000 ppm

• Field Selectable Output Ranges

• Other CO2 Detection Ranges Available

From 0 to 50,000 ppm

Other air quality sensors available

(PM) Particle Matter
(CO2) Carbon Dioxide
(VOC) Volatile Organic Compound
(CO2E) Carbon Dioxide Equivalent
(TVOC) Total Volatile Organic Compound
(CO) Carbon Monoxide
(NO2) Nitrogen Dioxide
(RLD) Refrigeration Leak Detection

18 January 2022


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If you need to open a Solenoid Valve manually, you need a SVOM!
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