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Paroc launches industrial stone wool cladding system

Paroc, the specialist in energy-efficient and fire-safe stone wool insulation products, has launched the Paroc Clad system, an innovative full system that protects pipework and ventilation without the need for costly, hard-to-install metal cladding.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, the system is weatherproof, UV-resistant, impermeable to water, and salt-water resistant.

It can be used on temperatures up to 680°C, making it ideal for protecting against temperature losses on high-temperature systems and steam lines. Its robust construction also makes it ideal for use in a wide range of cases including chemical manufacturing, the food industry, HVAC, and even coastal applications.

It consists of a highly durable multiple layer composite film, with a fully metal-free and non-corroding surface. This offers further application possibilities where rust needs to be mitigated (like areas in danger of flooding), reduces the weight of a construction, and is maintenance-friendly. Thanks to its simple installation, the system offers significant time and cost savings compared to traditional, more cumbersome installation.

Due to its lightweight design, the system can also be used to insulate tight areas where inflexible metal covering systems are difficult to use. It is also suited for use in cleanrooms and laboratories, thanks to its smooth and chemically resistant surface that negates bacterial growth.

The system’s Clad film has undergone specific tests to prove its safety and performance. For example, testing for use in food contact applications according to EC1935/2004, EU 10/2011, EC 2023/2006, and the German Food and essential Commodities and Animal Feed Code (LFGB). Puncture resistance testing in accordance with DIN EN 14 477, shows that the system offers protection against puncture and ‘bird pecking’ to withstand outdoor applications.

Designed to be installed with relative ease, the Clad system is supplied with comprehensive instructions, documentation, and test reports. It is delivered with all accessories including specific matching tape and Clad Dots (circular prefabricated tape for covering fastenings and cut-outs).

The Paroc Clad system is available now, with short lead times, to support construction timelines. To find out more about the system, please email paroc.uk@owenscorning.com, or visit https://www.paroc.co.uk/campaigns/paroc-clad-system?utm_source=paroc-website&utm_medium=hero&utm_campaign=TI-IND-UK-Product-Launch&utm_content=campaign-page

10 January 2022


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