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Munters launch Free PsychroApp

A new calculation tool for fast and accurate humidity calculations to help create optimal climates.
Munters launch Free PsychroApp
Specially designed for use on the iPhone, iPod Touch and also able to be run unmodified on the iPad, this new tool provides complete psychrometric calculations for relative humidity, dewpoint and more… all at the touch of a button. PsychroApp can calculate the total, sensible, latent and moisture loads of any process or preservation environment.

Munters, the energy efficient air treatment specialists, have developed the tool after listening to the needs of their large customer network to determine what they needed to help create the perfect climate conditions for building comfort and industrial process control.

Find out more on www.munters.com/psychroapp or email: airtreatment@munters.com

1 December 2011


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If you need to open a Solenoid Valve manually, you need a SVOM!

If you need to open a Solenoid Valve manually, you need a SVOM!
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