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Water Treatment: Suitable case for treatment

Chemical water treatment ensures any heating system is fully protected and working to optimum efficiency. Dr Neil Watson explains why this is critical to system longevity and performance. 
 8 Aug 2011

Water Treatment: Soft approach pays efficiency dividends

Water softening systems can increase the energy efficiency and longevity of heating and hot water services in commercial buildings. John Bisset explains. 
 8 Aug 2011

Water Treatment: Treatment optimises pump performance

Effective water treatment and the development of hydronic stability are vital to the performance of circulating pumps, says Martin Wilkinson. 
 8 Aug 2011

Pumps & Drives: Taking an economy drive

There is a straightforward way for businesses to cut their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. AC variable speed drives are the key, as Stephen Takhar explains. 
 8 Aug 2011

Pumps & Drives: Pump action

When an energy saving project is implemented and calculated, energy savings are realised, and everyone is happy. But how do we know that the new installation represents the best available? Frank Griffith explains. 
 8 Aug 2011

Pumps & Drives: Pain free conversion

Variable speed pumps offer several benefits and their installation is not as difficult as you may think, says Wayne Rose. 
 8 Aug 2011

Sustainability: The fastest route to a sustainble future

Controlling consumption of our valuable resources is key to true sustainability. Colin Pavey gives an overview of where we've come from, where we're heading and how high efficiency, low energy usage can take us to the next level of sustainability. 
 8 Aug 2011

Sustainability: Switch off rising costs with a wireless solution

Switch on to wireless energy management and switch off rising HVAC costs, says Ivan McKeever. 
 8 Aug 2011

Company Focus: A cost-effective way to navigate the green road

To make a lasting positive impact on climate change, we need to think more radically about how we design and specify heating equipment. In part, that involves accurately measuring how green the equipment really is, says Remeha Commercial's boss Mark Northcott. Ian Vallely reports. 
 8 Aug 2011

Contractor Focus: Green light for growth

Energy services companies offer an alternative to traditional contracting. Andrew Brister talks to Anesco CEO Adrian Pike to see how it's done. 
 8 Aug 2011

Burning Issue: You can play a big part in carbon reduction

The Committee on Climate Change's third annual progress report to Parliament called for a 'significant acceleration' in the pace of emissions reductions. Mark Krull urges heating and ventilating contractors to consider the contribution they could make to this important aim. 
 8 Aug 2011

Energy efficiency: It's curtains for energy wastage

Air curtains have the potential to save energy, but they need to be designed properly to address end clients’ environmental concerns. Steve Brown discusses the key criteria. 
 20 Jul 2011

Energy efficiency: Fan coils rise to tough market challenge

The big take over by chilled beams has not materialised, but fan coil champions still need to work hard to maintain their healthy market position, says David Fitzpatrick. 
 20 Jul 2011

Company Focus: Getting to grips with renewables

The growing use of renewable heat sources presents specifiers and installers with a number of challenges, says Adrian Walker, managing director of Hoval. 
 20 Jul 2011

Contractor focus: Visionary Higgs takes a bow after 38 years

HVCA chief executive Robert Higgs OBE has had a hand in many of the most significant developments in building services history during 38 years with the association. As he prepared to retire, he took time to look back on a long and successful career. 
 20 Jul 2011

Burning Issue: Taking an eco-friendly ride on the life cycle

To be truly environmentally friendly, the entire project should be taken into account including the life cycle of the supply systems, argues Simon Spridgeon. 
 20 Jul 2011

Health & Safety Matters: Old bug, new problems...

Cuts in maintenance budgets and mutating legionella bacteria are a nasty combination for building occupants, warns Bob Towse. 
 20 Jul 2011

Acoustics: Peaceful classrooms rely on cross-talk

The correct specification and scheduling of cross-talk attenuation is crucial to ensure effective school design, says Mark Balsom 
 19 Jul 2011

Energy efficiency: A delicate balancing act

The installation of a hydronically balanced variable flow system can have a positive effect on both energy consumption and costs, according to Peter Rees. 
 19 Jul 2011

Humidification: Why it pays to take humidification seriously

Some offices in the UK are drier than the Sahara Desert, leading to big problems for the occupants. However, it doesn't have to be that way, as Andie Chessun explains. 
 18 Jul 2011
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