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Homeowners urged to switch to renewables

Renewable energy is fast becoming the norm and with climate change now a very real problem more and more people are thinking about investing in a renewable energy source.

Renewable energy is generated using natural resources like the sun, wind and water with technology which works to make sure that the energy stores are naturally replenished. So, instead of buying energy from a supplier people are now considering installing renewable technology into their homes to generate their own.

Using renewables makes use of secure and local resources, reduces homeowners’ dependence on non-renewable energy and helps to lower the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Other benefits include creating new jobs in renewable energy industries, a drop in energy bill costs and the opportunity to generate income by selling surplus energy back to the energy provider.

One of the main questions people ask when making the switch to renewable energy is how they can generate their own heat and use it most efficiently. This is where Wunda Group and its rapid response Wundatherm system comes in.

With climate change targets causing uncertainty for current heating methods, choosing a solution that works with any heat source will give customers peace of mind knowing that they are ready for anything and only have to buy once.

Wet underfloor heating is a good first step to reducing a household’s carbon footprint and is a great way to be more responsible with heating, and while the country is still deciding on the most cost-effective way to update millions of homes it is reassuring to know that products like Wundatherm will work with both current and future resources.

Wundatherm is future-proof and perfect to use with both existing boilers and future heat sources and with home heating accounting for 21 per cent of a home’s carbon footprint, homeowners will need to stop using fossil fuels to heat their homes in favour of sustainable green energy heating in order for the UK to meet its global climate change commitments.

Wet underfloor heating is one of the only heating systems that runs efficiently with new low energy heat sources. It’s already the first choice for many other countries, and has been shown to be 25 per cent more efficient than radiators and costs 60 per cent less to run than electric underfloor heating.

The Wundatherm underfloor heating system can be laid by any competent tradesmen including builders, carpenters and tilers and once installed only requires a plumber to commission the system and an electrician to fit the controls. It is also designed with a 'fit and forget' reputation that is reliable, durable and maintenance-free.

One of the big incentives of a renewables system, aside from lowering environmental impact and savings on fuel bills, is that the money spent on the installation can be offset by applying the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme

17 February 2020


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