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Halton restructures in response to growth plans

Halton Products Ltd, the UK Indoor Climate Division of the Finnish based Halton Group, has appointed Mark Dawes as sales director. Mark has extensive experience in the International HVAC market and takes on the challenge of continuing to grow Halton’s market share and profitability in the UK, reporting back to the group director in Finland.

To reflect the global strategy of the group, the UK team has been restructured to focus on its three main business sectors.

High class offices

Mike Beeton heads up the HCO sector working nationally with architects, consultants and design & build contractors specifying air distribution systems on commercial buildings where occupant comfort and energy efficiency are the main drivers. Mike has been with Halton for many years and offers a wealth of expertise and experience to the Halton team and customers.

The highly regarded portfolio of Halton chilled beams has a new flagship since the launch of the VARIO range earlier this year. The VARIO offers full VAV capability to a chilled beam system controlling the air volume into the space based on the temperature and CO2 level in the conditioned zone. Not only does this ensure optimum comfort conditions at all times, but results on live projects have shown up to 40% energy savings when compared with a conventional constant volume chilled beam installation. Furthermore, the inherent flexibility of the system allows the controls to be quickly and easily reset to suit changes within the zone shape, size and occupancy.

Following the recent handover of the first large UK project designed around VARIO by consultants Max Fordham, to a tier 1 client, Halton predicts that VARIO will be a popular solution for challenging and flexible spaces.

Displacement ventilation systems are also a significant part of this business, particularly for large internal spaces or for when low velocity air is important for comfort or technical reasons, such as theatres, cinemas, airport terminals, and educational and sports facilities. Halton is a market leader in the design and manufacture of displacement ventilation systems and can offer a wide range of standard units or fully custom designed units which offer the client units designed to technically and aesthetically complement the building design.

Furthermore the Halton HIT software program is now available with a unique displacement ventilation calculation module (HDD) designed to assist engineers in defining the exact volume of air required to condition a space as well as selecting the best products for the project and providing data sheets, air distribution models, drawings and specifications.

Healthcare & Laboratory

Richard Brown is sales manager for the Halton H&L sector and has valuable experience in the healthcare HVAC market. In 2015 he has been actively involved in bringing to the UK market the newly updated Halton Vita range of air distribution and control systems for demanding environments such as operating theatres, patient treatment and recovery areas, isolation rooms, pharmacies and laboratories.

Halton has experienced great interest in the new range of Vita VAV boxes and controls for fume cupboards and laboratory environments. UK customers have welcomed a competitively positioned system, which technically meets or exceeds the requirements of the market and offers simple installation, commissioning and maintenance - without the need for proprietary software and laptop set up.

Ventilation products

As well as his project manager’s role Rob Leech is responsible for what Halton calls the ‘Products’ sector, which essentially covers all the components that make up an overall air distribution system that can be selected and supplied individually. The portfolio covers everything from standard chilled beams, grilles and diffusers, louvres, dampers, airflow measuring devices and fire safety products.

Again, all of these products can be selected from the Halton HIT software, which is available on request.

For further information visit www.halton.com or email mark.dawes@halton.com



16 November 2015


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