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Gas Safe Register gears up to go live

Gas Safe Register is the official gas safety body in Great Britain and the Isle of Man from April 1 and it is gearing up to let everyone know that the Corgi gas register is on the way out.
Gas Safe Register gears up to go live
Capita was appointed by the Health and Safety Executive to run the Gas Safe Register from April 1, 2009 and it is a legal requirement for anyone carrying out gas work to be registered on the scheme.

With a theme 'Big Change', a national advertising campaign for Gas Safe Register starts from March 30.

Gas Safe Register adverts will appear in national newspapers, posters and radio. Gas Safe television commercials will also be broadcast between rugby and cricket matches on Sky TV from March until October 2009.

Gas Safe Register's chief executive, Peter Eldridge said: 'It's been a delicate balancing act to get the change to Gas Safe Register out to the public at the right time. We couldn't do a big publicity push too early, people still need to use Corgi gas installers until the end of March and we can't jeopardise this'.

He added: 'It's important to remember that this is not a one-off campaign. We will continue to raise awareness of using Gas Safe registered engineers to make sure the public know to always ask for the Gas Safe Register ID card. So if you are a gas engineer and you haven't registered yet I suggest you do it now.'

For details about registering on the Gas Safe Register scheme, gas engineers can click www.gassaferegister.co.uk
18 March 2009


By Len Slade
18 March 2009 00:02:00
It is a sad fact that there are "cowboy" gas fitters out there. Is there a Complaints Procedure for Gas Safe registered fitters who work in a "cowboy" manner?
By karen stewart
18 March 2009 00:01:00
I am the wife of a gas safe registered engineer. We are very disappointed in the lack of awareness that the public have of the gas safe register. Not enough has been done to inform them of the changes. I as well as many others am not a sports fan so will not see the tv ads. This lack of awareness could cost the livelihood of many engineers as people will not take the word of an engineer that they don't need to be a Corgi fitter. Would you? The register has had plenty of time and money to get this awareness out there to the public in plenty of time for the change over. Ii also think that they have not given the engineers enough help and advice to help them change over. It will cost a lot of money to alter paperworks and advertising as well as vehicle signage which in this time of global recession we like others can ill afford. With the lack of awareness it also leaves room for the cowboys to move in. This may seem petty to some but it costs a lot of money for us to get the qualification needed to become competent fitters and we take pride in our work as I dare say you do.
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