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Baxi employee hailed as hero after sword attack

Baxi salesman Gary Wainright is being hailed as a hero by his family, friends and colleagues after fending off a sword-wielding thug in a bar in Tenerife during a New Year holiday. His actions enabled over 100 people, including women and children, to escape.
Baxi employee hailed as hero after sword attack
The three foot sword broke Gary's arm in four places and his main artery was severed after he was sliced repeatedly across the forearm as he used a chair to deflect the swordsman's advances. Doctors have told him he is lucky not to have lost his left arm, or even bled to death.
Gary's friends and relatives rushed to help him, saving his life by tying a tourniquet around his arm to stem the blood loss. He was ferried to hospital, where his bone was pinned and he was given 178 stitches.
Gary, who is well known in the heating industry, was modest about his actions. 'This was about protecting my family, friends and their kids,' he said.
Graham Parkes, Gary's manager, said: 'We are all shocked and stunned by what has happened to Gary. He needs to have further surgery to repair the damage to his nerves, but he is in good spirits and looking forward to getting back to work.
'I'm sure everyone in the industry will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.'
14 January 2011


By Lee Crooks
14 January 2011 00:03:00
Get well soon pal.
By Joerg Buetow
14 January 2011 00:02:00
I wish him all the best and a full recovery. Everybody from the heating industry has to be proud about him. And i would like to add, He is a very brave Men. He got my full respect.
kind regards
Joerg Buetow
By Bob Copeland
14 January 2011 00:01:00
Well done mate you must be built like the boilers you sell some thing you can rely on. all the best from all the staff at MJC Mechanical Services Ltd
Get well soon
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