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Whitepaper targets heat pumps as climate neutral solution

Samsung has published its latest whitepaper report on ‘The Indoor Climate Solution of tomorrow for Residential Buildings’ and discusses how the use of heat pumps and smart solutions can create a sustainable heating and cooling system in order to achieve a climate-neutral-economy by 2050.

Key findings from the report found that 85% of airborne respirable particulate pollution is generated by burning of fossil fuels and contributes to seven million premature deaths worldwide every year. One of the key challenges of the twenty-first century is mitigating climate change, and energy production stands at the core of this challenge.

Driven by the ambition of the European Union to make a climate-neutral-economy a reality by 2050, the report has identified how heating in buildings needs to be reviewed, revised, and integrated with digitalisation. Samsung supports this ambition with its Eco Heating System EHS and the wider Samsung offering in relation to achieving a climate-neutral-economy. The report details how 75% of the energy used by a heat pump is renewable, making it a very sustainable energy solution.

There are two types of air source heat pumps; Air-to-Air Heat Pumps and Air-to-Water Heat Pumps. Air-to-Air Heat Pumps take heat from the outside air and then transfer it directly via a fan system to heat a room in an indoor space. The second solution is Air-to-Water Heat Pumps which take heat from the outside air and transfers it to a water-based system. The created heat can be used for space heating or as a hot water supply for the house.

This cost-effective and sustainable technology is contained in one external unit, so it is ideal for environments where space is limited. Moreover, to make the heat pumps compact the heat exchanger and the domestic hot water tank, situated indoors, are combined into a compact and modular Tank Integrated Hydro Unit.

Furthermore, the use of heat pumps could bring about a reduction of approximately 1.8 billion tonnes of CO2 within Europe. Statistics within the report show a steady and rising growth in the demand for and sale of heat pumps. In 2019, year-on-year heat pump sales of all hydronic forms increased 4.5 % to an estimated 2.7 million units. The global picture shows that this growth is assisted predominantly by accelerating demand across Europe, where tighter building standards-related regulations are driving this market need.

The report concludes that alternatives solutions, in the form of renewable energy, are being increasingly recognised as a needed change. Therefore, it is prudent to improve the ways in which energy is derived and used – both in commercial as well as well domestic spaces.

“Samsung is known for constantly innovating, educating and supporting partners to help drive the much-needed change to cleaner and greener energy. Our products and solutions are increasingly proving that comfort, and convenience can be brought about by relying on human intelligence and sustainable technological innovation. At the core of all our innovations in the field of integrated heating and cooling systems lies our vision for seamless, intelligent and future-proof solutions,' says Wim Vangeenberghe, president of Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe B.V.

1 March 2021


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