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What you can achieve by switching to a heat pump revealed

British Gas has created a calculator where the user can get a personalised estimate for how much CO2 they could reduce their household emissions to by switching from traditional home heating systems to a modern heat pump. The service provider estimates that by switching to a heat pump a UK home could lower its annual household emissions by 1,404Kg of CO2, on average.

The screenshot image is taken from the results page of the British Gas Carbon Cruncher calculator.

These CO2 savings are said to be equivalent to…

Over one year, the average household emission savings are equivalent to the amount of CO2 produced by driving 4,544 miles in a typical petrol car, or the same amount of CO2 absorbed by 64 trees.

Over five years, the amount of carbon saved by a typical household switching to a heat pump is equivalent to 16.3 one-way economy flights from London to New York.

Over a 10-year period, the emission savings from switching to a heat pump are equivalent to the amount of data centre emissions produced by 89,256 hours spent on online video calls.

And throughout the minimum expected lifespan of a new heat pump, 20 years, a household can expect to save 28,080Kg of CO2. That’s equivalent to the emissions savings of one person switching to a vegan diet for 80 years as well as the CO2 -absorbing power of 29,933,280Kg of compost waste.

So, if the UK achieves its target of 600,000 annual heat pump installations, by how much could UK CO2 emissions reduce?

If that happens, the research claims the annual amount of C02 saved could be equivalent to the carbon produced by the Space X rocket launching 7,262 times and more.

The C02 savings would be equivalent to 2.4 million Brits switching to a vegan diet for one year.

The emission savings are equivalent to the C02 produced by driving the circumference of the earth 109,482 times.

It would require 226 square miles of rainforest to absorb the same amount of carbon.

It would require 508,875 motorists switching from petrol to electric vehicles to save the same amount of C02 in one year.

It is equivalent to the emissions caused in the production of 60,171 barrels of oil.

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11 January 2024


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