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Viessmann introduces next gen gas-condensing boiler

Viessmann has introduced the next-generation of its most popular gas-condensing boiler, the Vitodens 100-W, with industry-leading capabilities for installers. 

Viessmann's new generation Vitodens 100-W condensing boiler

The WiFi-integrated Vitodens 100-W’s new control platform makes commissioning and servicing the boiler easier. It is now possible to monitor and make adjustments to customers’ boilers remotely. No third-party controls are required, meaning a Vitodens boiler with ViCare Thermostat provides homeowners with a load-compensating smartphone-controlled heating system.

The mechanical design of the Vitodens 100-W has reduced the number of spare parts typically needed for routine maintenance by about 50%, meaning Viessmann installers should be able to carry less stock.

At the same time as the new-generation Vitodens 100-W series goes on sale, in April, Viessmann will also launch the new Vitodens 111-W wall-mounted combi boiler. Intended for family homes where there is high hot water demand, the 111-W features a cylinder loading system and 46-litre integrated stainless steel storage tank, allowing it to provide a flow rate of up to 181 litres in 10 minutes. The unrestricted flow rate makes it ideal for multi-point of use, e.g. shower and a bath or basin.  All models are hydrogen-ready, certified for a 20% hydrogen blend.

Highlights of the new Vitodens 100-W

Compact, quiet, and affordable, with outputs ranging from 3.2kW to 32kW (and with an 11kW version now added to the range), the Vitodens 100-W series is perfectly-suited to a much broader range of homes and ideal for installers searching for boilers to match heat loss calculations. Viessmann has given its best-seller class-leading capabilities by adopting technologies and features from its most advanced gas-condensing boiler, the Vitodens 200-W. 

• Outputs from 3.2 kW to 32 kW 

• Available as a system boiler (11, 19, 25 and 32kW), combi boiler (26, 30 and 32kW) and 111-W storage combi (25 and 32kW)

• ViStart app for easy installation and fully-guided commissioning process 

• New Lambda Pro automatic combustion control for maximum efficiency at all times 

• Vitoguide functionality gives engineers remote access; customer interface is via ViCare app

• Service Assistant servicing tool

• Fewer parts need to be carried for routine maintenance

• New MatriX-Plus burner extends service life and reduces CO2 and NOx emissions 

• Long-lasting and efficient Inox-Radial heat exchangers

• Modulation range increases from 1:4 and 1:6 to 1:10 (3.2 kW)

• Ready for 20% hydrogen mix in the gas supply

“The new Vitodens 100-W boiler, with its completely new control platform, is the most up-to-date specification on the market. With WiFi inside the boiler, it is a truly smart machine, enabling live interfaces and full control for both the installer and end-user. All this functionality is free and included in the boiler,” says Graham Russell, managing director at Viessmann UK. 

Vitoguide and the ViCare app 

The Vitodens 100-W’s control platform is now visible inside the Vitoguide software, as previously seen on the premium Vitodens 200-W boiler. By making it possible for the engineer to monitor and adjust the system online, this shortens service processes, reduces operating costs, professionalises the engineer’s customer service and strengthens customer loyalty. Simply put, it is the most important tool in the installer’s kit.

Vitoguide shows engineers the status of their customers’ systems at a glance and gives access to current operating data. It’s possible to see fault messages instantly and to call up spare parts and availability. Automated notifications keep the installer notified even when the Vitoguide software is closed. This allows the installer to respond to any issues promptly, by making remote parameter adjustments, for example.

The Vitoguide app helps ensure that boiler commissioning can be completed perfectly every time. (The commissioning assistant function, previously called ViStart, will be familiar to installers of the Vitodens 200-W model). The app automatically establishes a connection with the boiler – without necessitating connection to the homeowner’s internet router – as soon as its integrated Wi-Fi access point has been activated. The app’s step-by-step guide covers time programmes, heating circuits, heating curves, DHW and the circulation pump. When commissioning is complete, it generates a final completion report. 

One particularly helpful feature of the Vitoguide app helps prevent common errors or oversights during filling and venting. After the boiler has been filled, the app gives a read-out of the system’s water pressure, and if this is acceptable, the app’s venting mode shifts the diverter valve backwards and forwards, periodically turning the pump on and off, to remove air from the system. 

The ViCare control system app, available for both iOS and Android devices, is a feature that end-users will really appreciate. In conjunction with the battery-powered, RF-connected ViCare Thermostat, this allows the heating system to be operated not only on the boiler’s large seven-inch colour touch display, but also via smartphone or tablet. Set up in this way, end-users will have access to a complete set of ViCare app convenience features, which include: 

• Information on the current operating status

• Quick adjustments to the heating system

• Time programmes for heating and hot water, by zone

• Compliance with Boiler Plus requirements

MatriX-Plus burner and Lambda Pro combustion control

For even better efficiency and environmental-friendliness, the new-generation Vitodens 100-W employs a new MatriX-Plus burner and new Lambda Pro automatic combustion control. These technologies ensure low fuel consumption with low NOx and CO2 emissions. 

The MatriX-Plus burner’s stainless steel MatriX perforation ensures a long service life. With the 100-W’s modulation range increased to up to 1:10 (32 kW), and with optimal flame stability, the burner precisely meets heat output requirements with a minimal number of start-ups and cycles. 

Lambda Pro ensures reliable and clean operation even when gas quality fluctuates by detecting and adjusting to the gas type. This eliminates the traditional need for adjustment during installation and ensures constant efficiency and thus reduced wear and tear on components. Lambda Pro also ensures the boiler will continue to operate reliably and efficiently if, as seems possible in the future, the UK gas grid supplies a blend comprised of 80% natural gas and 20% hydrogen. The controls also regulate for mains voltage fluctuations.           

Two more new models to follow

Two further versions of the Vitodens range will be introduced by September, in time for the 2021/2022 heating season: a heat-only 100-W, and the new Vitodens 050-W.


6 April 2021


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