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Upgrading your boiler could save you £500 per year on energy costs

Insight from Fair Fix, the boiler engineer experts, has revealed that upgrading your boiler to an A-rated boiler could save you as much as £508 per year in energy costs. 

Fair Fix analysed the current average annual cost saving of swapping to an A-rated boiler from each boiler rating from D to G and how this cost saving differs by property type. 

The research shows that swapping to an A-rated boiler is a sure fire way to reduce your energy costs. In fact, swapping from an old G-rated boiler will see you save £508 on average, climbing as high as £840 for those in a detached home. 

Upgrading from an old F-rated boiler will save you an average of £355, or £590 for those in the largest homes. 

But even upgrading from a D or E-rated boiler to an A-rated boiler can save you as much as £260-£299 per year on your energy bills. 

Of course, there is a cost involved when upgrading and the figures from Fair Fix show that, on average, the cost of purchasing and installing an A-rated boiler is currently £2,250. 

However, those making the jump from a G-rated boiler to an A-rated boiler would see this cost recouped in the money they save in just three years, climbing to just under six years for those upgrading from an old D-rated boiler. 

Founder of Fair Fix, Tyrone Ekrem, commented: “When it comes to our boilers, the majority of us are happy as long as they are working and we rarely consider how old it is, what rating it holds and how much more it could be costing us each year. 

But as our research shows, you can significantly reduce your annual energy bills by upgrading to an A-rated boiler as they are far more economic. 

Of course, there is a cost involved and a quite substantial one at that and the good news is that today, not many of us will have the oldest, least economically rated F and G boilers. 

However, regardless of what rated boiler you do have, upgrading is a long term investment that will pay for itself, and then some, over your time living in the property. 

What’s more, as the heart of your home, a brand new boiler is also an appealing feature in the eyes of potential buyers, so if you are looking to sell up, it’s a worthwhile investment to make.”

2 August 2023


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