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The importance of installing air conditioning

Worcester Bosch has answered some frequently asked questions on installing air conditioning units, that will help installers better understand the job at hand

This summer has already seen us enjoy some record temperatures. Yet, despite waiting for those longed for balmy temperatures for many months, as soon as the temperatures rise into the 20s, we as a nation cannot help but moan and groan about how hot we feel!

Recent research conducted by Worcester Bosch revealed that 77% of Brits find it hard to get to sleep during the summer months. A substantial 40% of Brits can’t focus whilst 32% can’t eat without feeling unpleasant in the heat. Impacting our mood, work, productivity levels and alertness, sleep loss and focus are big problems.

Further stats showed that 51% of Brits groan and moan when it’s stuffy at home and in the office due to the heat, with a further 69% claiming that they find it hard to control their emotions and feel irritable due to the heat.

An air conditioning unit, such as Worcester Bosch’s recently launched Climate 3000i, can help to cool you down in record time so you can stay comfortable in your own home – whatever the weather.

Why should I train to be an air conditioning installer?

Offering air conditioning as part of your portfolio can help diversify your business and create a workflow all year round, including the summer which is naturally a down-season in the heating industry.

With temperatures continuing to rise year-on-year, selling air conditioning units opens up another market for your business to explore and ultimately offers another service to your customers.

How can I promote the benefits of air conditioning units to encourage my customers to consider one?

Some customers may see air conditioning as a luxury item, however the benefits it offers are becoming more and more apparent, given the rising temperatures and regular heatwaves the UK is experiencing. The cost of parts and labour is relatively low also, proving good value for money for consumers, while providing both heat and cool air to the home.

How easy is it to be trained to fit air conditioning units?

The training process is incredibly simple. It takes approximately five days and is an easy addition to existing qualifications with no barriers.

It is also recommended to get F-gas qualified, as it makes it easier to buy the units and equipment needed to install an air conditioning unit effectively.

Can I try one out in my own home?

We have recently updated our Install in Your Own Home and Install in Your Own Showroom promotions, meaning that Excelerate members can now claim for unlimited air conditioning units. Cash back offers apply.

Martyn Bridges, director of technical communication and product management at Worcester Bosch, commented: “The small investment into air conditioning installing will give you years of rewards, in addition to increasing your portfolio. As we have seen throughout the last five years, temperatures are rising, and with this rise in temperature comes a demand for cooling solutions. Being able to fit air conditioning units quickly and effectively into your customers hopes will be an invaluable skill that not many will have under their belt.”

7 September 2021


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