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The evolving consumer: a look at smart thermostats

ACR Heating Solutions has many years of experience operating in both the domestic and commercial sectors; offering quality and professional heating solutions.

With the increased focus on energy conservation we have seen in recent years, it makes sense that thermostats are getting smarter in an effort to assist us in reducing our carbon footprint. With the latest models, consumers can expect facilities such as:

  • A real-time report on household energy consumption
  • Adaptive systems that programme themselves to fit in with consumers’ heating preferences throughout the day
  • Systems that adapt depending on weather conditions
  • Information regarding the length of time it takes a home to heat up, helping consumers to plan accordingly.
  • Systems that can heat a specific room in the home
  • Automatic heat adjusting systems
  • Mobile / tablet-controlled thermostats

According to, households in 2014 spent between £465 and £893 on gas bills alone, making smart thermostats an excellent investment for saving money; as well as the planet. Not surprisingly, the increase in smart systems has led consumers to become more savvy with regard to their expectations.

The ceo of Zonoff comments: “This idea of being able to see and control your house via smartphone makes sense because people are already connected to everything else in their life.” The increase in social media platforms has led consumers to change their behaviour. With instant access to a wealth of information, both social and other, the opportunity to access the running of their home via mobile devices and tablets is similarly tempting.

The message being driven to consumers is that they no longer have to waste money and energy thanks to these new smart thermostats. In fact, they can be in control of the amount energy they use, and the money they spend.

This is supported by the availability of smart meters. No longer will consumers receive estimated bills or need to spend hours on the phone attempting to get through to their utility company. These devices allow consumers and their utility company to see the exact measurement of energy they are using, as well as the cost of that energy.

All of these systems are designed to help consumers better manage the heating of their homes, and adjust their behaviours according to the information reported back by these smart systems.

ACR Heating Solutions

Ceo of Zonoff

14 December 2015


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