Synapsys Solutions champions simplicity

With energy efficiency firmly in the spotlight, Synapsys Solutions is urging industry to consider a more simplistic approach to building control to manage energy consumption in buildings.

Savvy building owners and managers are looking for fast and effective solutions to optimise building performance in order to meet the Europe 2020 plan. As a result, the building controls market is rapidly growing due to ongoing advancements in technology.

However, as many products on the market are utilising highly technical and complicated technology, this is leaving some confused and unsure of where best to begin to tackle energy usage in a building. Energy reductions and potential savings are being missed, and the complexity of some products can result in a minefield of security and connectivity issues.

Synapsys Solutions has championed the simplification of building control in order to attain a more manageable and streamlined process for lowering energy consumption in today’s buildings.

By using a simplistic approach to building control, it is easier to achieve the end goal of turning an ordinary building into a 'smart' building. Building owners and managers can unlock a world of potential by using a simple solution such as SIP+ to successfully optimise building performance over the long-term. 

Matt Gardner, business development manager for Synapsys Solutions, said: “Increasing energy efficiency in commercial buildings remains a key focus. We believe there is a strong case for simplification in the evolving building controls market. If building owners and managers can target energy consumption with a simplistic and direct approach, they are more likely to take the first steps into optimising a building by unlocking a whole host of potential savings.”

9 August 2018


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