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Smith's Environmental launches heat pump and emitter package

Smith's Environmental has launched an air source heat pump and heat emitters central heating package.
Smith's, a leading supplier of domestic and light commercial fan convectors in the UK, is expanding its energy efficient product portfolio by adding the Ecolectric central heating system.

The Ecolectric system will be sold as a package containing the heat pump itself Eco SlimStream fan convectors. Packages available will include:

Ecolectric package 1::

Ecolectric 4,500HP + five Eco SlimStream 1000 fan convectors
(enough for a two-bedroomed house)

Ecolectric package 2:

Ecolectric 4,500 HP + four Eco SlimStream 1000 fan convectors + two Eco SlimStream 600 fan convectors
(three-bedroomed house)

Ecolectric package 3:

Ecolectric 4,500 HP + nine Eco SlimStream 600 fan convectors
(four-bedroomed house)

  • Packages can also be tailored to meet individual home owner requirements

  • The Ecolectric heat pump and Eco SlimStream fan convectors will also be available as individual products. In addition to the Eco SlimStream fan convectors, the indoor air source heat pump can be connected to any of Smith's commercial and domestic products.

  • Powered by a 4.5 kW near silent air source heat pump, the Ecolectric system is a cost effective renewable heating solution that combines fan convector and heat pump technology for maximum energy efficiency.

    The heat pump unit has been specially designed for indoor use with minimal vibration and virtually no noise.

    The low vibration heat pump is quiet enough to be stored in the roof loft of a property, giving it the advantage of being out of sight and out of the reach of children. The pump uses an energy efficient fan that provides constant hot water for the heating and hot water systems using an indirect cylinder.

    Eco SlimStream down projection 12V fan convectors connect to the heat pump as an alternative to traditional radiators.

    Each Eco SlimStream down projection 12V fan convector has a number of benefits, including:

  • 31% more efficient than a radiator when running at a lower water temperature

  • carries one tenth of the water required by a radiator of the same output

  • quick action room thermostat for better control

  • low surface temperature

  • no heat loss - all heat is projected into the room

  • draws ambient air from the middle of the room thus eliminating drafts at floor level

  • lighter and smaller than a traditional panel radiator

  • specially designed to reduce the amount of wall space required

  • easy installation

  • 240V unit available for new build multi-zone application

  • 'This combination of heat pump and fan convector technology is the ultimate in energy efficient central heating,' said Gary Webster, managing director of Smith's Environmental. 'Our Ecolectric system is so quiet, the heat pump can be installed in a loft space with ease, with no disturbance to the homeowner. This is a green product that is set to revolutionise the way in which fan convectors are viewed in relation to renewable technologies.'

    And he has priced the packages 'very competitively'.

    The Ecolectric system can also be integrated with a variety of widely available solar products. The 4.5kW model is the first air source heat pump in development from Smith's Environmental; higher output models will also be rolled-out at a later stage.

    The Ecolectric system is available nationally, direct from Smith's Environmental. All products and accessories are covered by a free three year parts and labour guarantee, providing they have been installed and used in accordance with the installation and user guide.

    Webster says the heat pump may be installed by a plumber and electrician as the refrigerant gas is sealed in its unit. However, the 12volt fan convectors can be installed by a plumber only as there is a transformer in the heat pump and the 12 volt electrics are virtually plug and play.
    29 June 2010


    By Mike Hubbard
    29 June 2010 01:05:00
    The externally vented cold air is critical. Interesting. Is this system being tested by the BRE for use within SAP ratings? Secondly, can the heat pump unit be made reversible? You would have a cooling capability using the fan units.
    By Smith's Environmental Products
    29 June 2010 01:04:00
    The Smith s Ecolectric heat pump system has been designed for installation and use indoors where space is at a premium. All cold, exhaust air is expelled outside through the wall/roof tile via a duct.

    While the intake will take some air internally from the house (the attic space), most of it will come through the vents in the roof. We have rigorously tested this venting system and it works very well.

    Smith s has a patent pending inducting intake heat exchanger, which will keep the air temperature above freezing.

    Acoustic engineers were involved in the heat pump design process to minimise vibration and keep sound at an inaudible level.

    With regard to the Ecovector, this fan convector can already be fitted to existing heating systems and can be mixed on the same system with any natural convectors. As it can be easily switched over to work with renewable technologies, such as ground and air source heat pumps, the Ecovector proves to be an extremely efficient product, with recent research from BSRIA finding it 31% more efficient than a standard panel radiator when running from a low water temperature. It also uses the latest in fan technology, ensuring that noise is kept at a barely audible level.
    By Himac
    29 June 2010 01:03:00
    This will never work in a air tight house/build, the spent air will be very cold so will cool the house down more than the pump can heat the house.Back to the drawing board I think ( at least it might drown the sound of the Ecovectors out ! ).
    By andy jones
    29 June 2010 01:02:00
    these units do work very well in lofts

    and is british built
    By colin pavey
    29 June 2010 01:01:00
    Air source Heat pumps need a massive air throughput, and it must be 'fresh' air, not recycled. I can't see how this can work in a loft!
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