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SBS adds chemical free water treatment products

Smith Brothers Stores have added chemical free water treatment units from innovative manufacturers Elysator and Aquabion to their stocked product range.

Elysator’s products ensure the operational reliability and efficiency of water systems, protecting and extending the operational life of expensive assets, increasing energy efficiency whilst reducing running costs and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs and system downtime.

Using sacrificial magnesium anodes to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water, Elysator addresses both the symptoms and root causes of corrosion within recirculation heating and cooling systems. Elysator’s proven technology engineers optimum environments for these systems so corrosion can't occur, and bacteria can't survive.

Elysator’s corrosion protection systems are unique to the market, by which they separate gasses, absorb acids, and filter sludge particles - all at the same time. This ensures valuable components and re-circulation water system problems can be protected.

The electro-chemical reaction of the sacrificial magnesium anode is reliable, measurable and works without chemical additives. Installation and service are easy and at a low cost.

Aquabion is a chemical and electricity free, fully recyclable water treatment system enabling both end users and water treatment providers to tackle the problems of limescale without impacting the environment.

Limescale build up within internal pipework systems, heat transfer surfaces and other components create costly and unhygienic problems that are common across the UK with 60% of mains water supplied being classified as ‘hard’. Limescale deposits severely reduce the efficiency of water-heating appliances and systems, increasing running costs and can harbour bacteria on outlets.

Aquabion is a patented galvanic and electrolytic solution in a self-cleaning package. In this process, minute amounts of high-purity zinc ions are released and react with calcite. Calcite crystals are modified into adhesion-neutral aragonite, which is simply discharged into the water.

Available is sizes to suit both domestic and commercial use, Aquabion is also pressure resistant up to 16 Bar (PN16) allowing almost universal application.

The Aquabion solution has been independently tested and proven to reduce limescale in water systems, offering savings of up to 55% of energy costs. Payback can be very fast, due to the wide spectrum of savings in chemical remedial work and costs associated with water heating. In addition, appliances last longer.

7 October 2020


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