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Sabien welcomes EU retrofit energy saving

Sabien Technology has welcomed the EU Commission's call for more investment in energy efficiency and green technologies, and its statement that retrofit solutions will be one of the keys to achieving energy efficiency and carbon emissions targets.
The Commission insists EU nations must invest more in energy efficiency and green technologies in order to retain economic advantages.

It also notes that one of the keys to reducing the emissions is a large scale 'retrofit' operation, involving the refurbishment of 'at least 3 per cent of publicly-owned building stock each year' between now and 2050.

'This would seem to be an eminently achievable strategy,' said Sabien Technology CEO Alan O' Brien. 'Put simply, the EU has set long-term targets for reductions, with 2050 being the ultimate date for an 80-90 per cent reduction on today's CO2 levels.

'It is reasonable to assume that the majority of existing public buildings will be with us for many decades to come - so a call for an overhaul of dated energy systems within these buildings is a good and affordable start and a sure way of reducing emissions. Sabien Technology is at the forefront of emissions-reducing technology, and we have seen significant successes in commissions to install our technology in UK public services' buildings,' he added.

'By going green and future proofing buildings, the savings can also offset a higher initial outlay and result in low, or even negative, carbon reduction costs. And let's not forget that tenants are attracted to green buildings as they see sustainability as an important product differentiator in the marketplace.'

He added: 'In the long term, buildings which perform poorly in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency will become less attractive to occupiers as the Government introduces penalties to encourage energy efficiency and increased sustainability.'

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16 March 2011


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If you need to open a Solenoid Valve manually, you need a SVOM!

If you need to open a Solenoid Valve manually, you need a SVOM!
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