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Risk-free renewable hot water

The HSV Thermal Store from Lochinvar is a groundbreaking approach to producing commercial hot water supplies from renewables while also eliminating the risk of Legionnaires' disease.
It makes it possible to combine up to three separate renewable energy sources with a conventional boiler. The HSV also uses much less space than standard solar water systems.

The extensive research and development that went into this new technology opens up opportunities for the wider use of various types of renewable hot water production, particularly in applications where it would previously have been avoided due to the risk posed by the potential build up of legionnella bacteria.

The HSV Thermal Store eliminates the risk by having no stored hot water.
It can be used as a pre-heat vessel for solar and other renewables and as an indirect water heater.

It can also be used to supplement underfloor heating systems

Available in six sizes with capacities ranging from 500 to 2000 litres, the HSV principal is a reversal of the conventional method of storing hot water produced by a renewable source.

The main body of water within the HSV transfers heat to the stainless steel indirect coil, which is then used as feed water for the traditional water heater(s).

For applications where hot water demand is not subject to high volume peaks, the HSV can be used as an indirect instantaneous water heater without the need for any additional heating sources.

As the domestic hot water is not stored, there is no threat of Legionella bacteria build up under normal operating conditions.

Many traditional indirect hot water systems and renewable pre-heat cylinders need regular pasteurisation as a precautionary measure to prevent the build up of Legionella.

This is a highly energy intensive process that is not required with the HSV.

Other attempts to minimise legionella risk have led to overly complex and expensive solutions that rely on regular water treatment or additional heating so pushing up operating costs.

By removing the storage aspect, the HSV dramatically reduces the need for maintenance and other expensive interventions.

The HSV has been specifically designed to complement the growing use of renewables in commercial heating systems, particularly in the refurbishment market.

Where the HSV is used as an indirect water heater, saves valuable space, reduces capital cost and makes for a speedier installation process.

The HSV Thermal Store is also of high quality specification and is fully manufactured from steel, with the exterior painted with black corrosion protection. It is insulated at double the average thickness to 100mm for Part L compliance.
15 August 2013


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