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Rinnai’s Installer Show to Feature Naked Energy’s Solar Products


June 27-29th, 20023

National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham

Featured on the stand will be the Naked Energy award-winning range of VirtuHOT evacuated tube tech, which includes specific benefits to suit any site or application and provide years of high energy performance, low maintenance and reduced fuel consumption.

Rinnai’s stand at the forthcoming Installer SHOW will feature the H3 initiative, the extensive range which includes technologies for all mainstream varieties of energy including, LOW-GWP heat pumps (4kw – 110kw) Hydrogen Blends 20% ready continuous flow water heaters and DME,  BioLPG ready commercial condensing water heaters, boilers along with Naked Energy’s market leading Virtu-Hot solar thermal system. 

H3  consists of -:

H1- Hydrogen and DME,  BioLPG ready appliances 

H2 – Hybrid systems of heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV and electric

H3 – low GWP heat pumps. 

Featured on the stand will be the Naked Energy award-winning range of VirtuHOT evacuated tube tech, which includes specific benefits to suit any site or application and provide years of high energy performance, low maintenance and reduced fuel consumption. 

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Naked Energy is a British design and engineering business, at the forefront of global innovation in solar thermal and solar PVT. Naked Energy’s high energy density solutions are capable of decarbonising heat cost-effectively and with limited space; its Virtu-Hot technology delivers up to 3.5 times the carbon savings per m2 in comparison to conventional solar thermal technology.

Chris Goggin, Rinnai Operations Director says, ‘This is a genuine and unique  innovation in marrying the technology of solar thermal products with continuous flow hot water heating to minimise fuel and operating costs. The solar gains created by  Naked Energy are supported by Rinnai innovations. This Rinnai technology, unlike other types of  systems, can read the incoming water temperature and modulate to maximise the solar gains.”

All Rinnai & Naked Energy solar thermal products are precisely aligned with the hot water heating systems & units which are Hydrogen blends-ready 20% and renewable liquid fuel (BioLPG) ready combustion technologies. The Naked Energy VirtuHOT solar thermal design will gain more solar energy from less space whilst the Rinnai continuous flow water heaters will modulate to use less energy whilst creating more plant room space. 

Solar, water heater and hybrid technology are designed for efficiency and effectiveness. From Virtu’s low-profile design to the modular assembly, and the design innovation keeps life simple for installers and maintenance teams. The same holistic thinking applies to the Rinnai water heaters, as these lightweight high output water heaters have been designed with ease of installation in mind. 

Rinnai water heaters will modulate from 58kw to 4.4kW, therefore the smart systems only use fuel to boost the temperature by the precise temperature difference - harnessing renewable gains and not compromising on performance. 

VirtuHOT is easy to install and keeps maintenance to a minimum and is backed by a warranty of up to 12 years. Rinnai water heaters come with a warranty of up to 10 years, are lightweight (one-man lift), can be cited internally or externally, and have a compact design (670x470x276mm). 

VirtuHOT solar products offer. 

  • Unrivalled performance in any environment  
  • Reduce scope one emissions using 100% renewable solar heat  
  • Higher energy-density compared to market-leading solar thermal panels
  • Versatile and easy to install  
  • Simple modular assembly  
  • Integrated mounting with self-ballasting 
  • No need for roof penetration  
  • Compatible with any roof type  
  • Low profile: 26.5 cm installed height 
  • Designed for Commercial Scale Ideal for Multi-dwelling, residential, Manufacturing, Foodservice, Hospitality & Leisure

Rinnai has developed commercial products that accept clean energies, in the form of Hydrogen and rDME, along with a growing range of electrical equipment.  Rinnai employs over 465 design engineers and reinvests 6% of its annual revenue in R & D. The combination of Hybrid solar thermal systems and standalone Virtu-Hot installations is seen as another important step towards delivering the Rinnai brand promise of creating a healthier way of living. 


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15 June 2023


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