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Rinnai announces new “H3” product roadmap in drive To Net Zero

Rinnai is expanding its product range in accordance with increased demand for decarbonizing technology. Rinnai’s new “H3” range of products includes a wide selection of commercial heat pumps as well as hydrogen blends- ready and hybrid hot water heating systems. Additionally Rinnai will be developing and introducing electrical formats to all existing product ranges within the next 12 months.

Chris Goggin, operation director for Rinnai

Rinnai’s H3 line of products will be commercially introduced in separate stages throughout 2022. Within the next 12 months Rinnai will possess a range of residential and commercial decarbonizing technology capable of functioning through natural gas, hydrogen blends, hybrid formation and electrical formats. To complete Rinnai’s H3 range heat pumps will be introduced as an option of carbon neutral heating & hot water delivery for residential and industrial properties.

Says Chris Goggin, operation director for Rinnai, said: “Our company operates on the five continents of the world producing over 2 million water heating units each year. We have a global reach, over 650 design engineers, plus testing facilities in Japan, America and Australasia. We have moved this quickly as we perceive that the market is fast changing.

“We must start reducing the use of high carbon content fuels as soon as it is realistic and pragmatic. We have huge populations that want to fight the rate of climate change but there is still the need for assessment of the technical, practical and economic feasibility within the UK’s unique housing stock of over 25 million units. We aim to continue in aiming to achieve NetZero without compromising product quality or customer satisfaction.”

Rinnai’s new products and formats all meet or exceed existing or proposed UK legislation or certifications.

Adds Mr Goggin, “We have positioned the Rinnai name as a company that offers the highest quality product and best available value with service excellence. It is a position of responsibility and we have maintained a stance of doing the absolute best we can for customers. We believe implicitly in this basic premise – we do the absolute best we can, and we achieve what our customers want and expect. And that includes anticipating the future.”

Rinnai has also commissioned a comprehensive comparative report focusing on gas and electrical appliances utilising a variety of energy vectors in both residential and commercial UK scenarios.

An appliance analysis will concentrate on the separate levels of energy efficiency of individual products. Heading the report is a prominent multi-national consultancy firm within the building sector; a team of empirically motivated non-political and non-partisan academics that will supervise the final draft of Rinnai’s energy efficiency review.

“We simply want to see realism brought into an increasingly polarised debate that, at times reaches levels of unbridled hysteria. Fact, logic and reason must be employed for the best outcome for all of us. We need decarbonisation, we need NetZero, and we need it as soon as possible but in such a way that is pragmatic in terms of catering to the existing populations and markets,” says Chris Goggin.

“We are committing substantial sums to this report and the contract with the authors stipulates that there is no third-party doctoring or spin. The consumer needs to be given the facts to make an informed decision.

“We are manufacturers of proven excellence and are using our core competencies of design engineering solutions to suit all probable future needs and fuels. We will evolve to ensure that our customers have the absolute best possible product options.

“We believe, implicitly that there will be a need for a variety of solutions to the Energy Trilemma – there is not one single fuel or appliance that is the answer to all the problems.”

24 February 2022


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If you need to open a Solenoid Valve manually, you need a SVOM!

If you need to open a Solenoid Valve manually, you need a SVOM!
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