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Research shows AI won't replace experts anytime soon

UK Radiators ran the UK's most searched-for heating questions through ChatGPT's ChatBot, comparing its answers to their in-house experts, taking the AI’s strengths and weaknesses into account. Here is what they found: 

ChatGPT’s Strengths:

Presents concise yet informative answers on almost any heating topic.

Great at providing the viewpoint held by the majority of experts.

It understands and can break down very complex concepts such as the relationship between money and heating and the effect on the home occupant.

ChatGPT’s Weaknesses:

It can’t comment on timely events as it has limited knowledge of the world and any events after 2021.

It doesn't offer any extra information beyond the topic which is sometimes vital to understanding a topic fully. 

No sources are provided so you can't verify how accurate the information is or where it came from.

To Understand more about how ChatGPT works when providing advice we asked Scott Jones, a web expert and CEO of the UX agency Illustrate Digital, to give us a view on the technical side of how this works and the limitations of ChatGPT 3. Here is what he said:

“Conversing with ChatGPT can be a dauntingly realistic experience. Ask it for help on how to save money on energy bills, and you'll get some surprisingly human-like replies. But, of course, the limitation of any AI-based tool is that it's merely artificial; learning primarily from its conversations with real humans and growing its database to provide more accurate answers over time. The question remains though - what is the source of this data, and how relevant is the information provided?”

“When it comes to getting advice from ChatGPT on saving money, it's worth considering that its responses are only as reliable as what it believes humans would say. So the best chance of finding accurate savings tips still lies with the likes of MoneySavingExpert, who have built their reputation on giving sound financial advice. They continue to provide detailed guidance on ways to cut your costs and make sure you're getting the most out of your finances - something ChatGPT may never be able to match due to its ever-evolving nature as an artificial learning tool.”

“ChatGPT is also pre-trained, which means it's not connected to the internet and doesn't have access to the most recent updates in the news. Just try asking it a question about anything that happened in the last week or even month, it'll likely tell you that its data only runs up to 2021 and that you should check news sources for the most recent information.”

“Whether AI can reach a point where it can fully replace all our experts is the great debate around ChatGPT right now, but I would argue not... Whilst it's easily the most powerful chatbot ever created, it'll only ever be as good as the data it's fed. Experts combine knowledge, relevance and context to provide expert opinions. Whilst ChatGPT will become increasingly accurate with facts and handling common conversations such as support requests, it's unlikely to ever reach a point that it replaces experts entirely. After all, someone still needs to feed AI the information it needs to reach greater levels of accuracy.”



9 March 2023


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