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Products & services to lower carbon to Net Zero in any and all buildings

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Rinnai has plenty of products and services to drive decarbonisation

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Rinnai now offers H1, H2 & H3 solutions to the energy question in the cost of living squeeze.

H1 – Hydrogen blends ready, renewable liquid fuel ready and electric water heating equipment.

H2 – Hybrid hot water systems – Including heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV and electric.

H3 – Market leading, Low GWP heat pumps.

This expansive product portfolio is enhanced by design support and precise modelling of capital expenditure, operational expenditure, and carbon to establish the practical, economic, and technically feasible solutions needed and required for any site.

Rinnai has launched the expansive H3 offering to simplify the decarbonisation of any building and supporting sites with the decarbonisation pathways that exist now and in the future.

Rinnai has maintained and sustained a reputation for technological innovation and creating a healthier way of living for over a century. By creating a healthier way of living through developing commercial products that accept clean energies, customers will be able to identify Rinnai as a trusted brand that delivers customer convenience and health.

Hot water provision is a foundation for lifestyle comfort and is therefore Rinnai’s area of specific expertise. Rinnai understands that hot water and heating provision are key areas of modern life that can be considered as contributing factors towards maintaining societal cohesion and continuity. Rinnai will therefore continue to work towards delivering products that improve upon customer convenience and health.

Rinnai is constantly initiating new working behaviours and corporate practises that update and add to employee knowledge of product understanding and manufacturing processes. Rinnai employs 650 design engineers and reinvests 6% of annual sales revenue into R & D.

All major international economies are now seeking sustainable alternative energies that improve domestic energy security and negate the release of harmful emissions. Rinnai’s H3 range of products coincides with the current internationally approved direction of future energy distribution and consumption.

H3 products consist of hydrogen, rDME, heat pump or hybrid options in all energy vectors – natural gas, electrical, rDME and BioLPG. All methods of heating and hot water provision ensuring lower carbon leading to decarbonisation and a higher standard of living quality at affordable prices and costs.  All models are designed specifically to reduce all related costs and provide efficient working quality across an entire product life cycle.

Internal practises are constantly refined to ensure Rinnai remains a leader in technological innovation, heating, and hot water dispersal. Rinnai’s H3 range is designed to reflect the corporate values and direction our organisation is keen to project.

All sourced product materials, manufacturing conditions and effect on local environment are issues that are under constant revision and will be altered accordingly if found to be in non-compliance with Rinnai’s current and future brand promise to deliver a cleaner living.

Rinnai’s H3 range represents an organisation capable of producing cost reducing technologies that act as a response to the sensitive financial demands perpetrated by the global energy market towards the customer. Rinnai’s H3 range is a pragmatic, socially conscious and a technologically innovative solution for customers who seek products that accept clean energy for home heating and hot water appliances.







RINNAI H3 product roadmap to lower carbon and Net Zero decarbonisation 

Rinnai’s product and service offering is based on H3- Hydrogen, Heating and Heat Pumps  – which allows any site in either residential or commercial sites to maximise the energy efficiency and performance in striving for NetZero and Decarbonisation. Additionally, Rinnai is developing and introducing electrical formats to all existing product ranges within the coming months. Rinnai’s H3 range of products includes a wide selection of commercial heat pumps as well as hydrogen blends-ready and hybrid hot water heating systems. 

Rinnai is a world leading manufacturer of hot water heaters and produces over two million units a year. The company operates on each of the five continents and the brand has gained an established reputation for high performance, robust cost efficiency and extended working lives.

Rinnai’s commercial and domestic hot water products offer a limitless supply of instantaneous temperature controlled hot water and all units are designed to align with present and future energy sources and accept either natural gas or hydrogen gas blends. Rinnai units are also suited for off-grid customers who require LPG and BioLPG or rDME.

Rinnai units are UKCA certified, A-rated water efficiency, accessed through multiple fuel options and are available for purchase 24/7, 365 days a year. Any unit can be delivered to any UK site within 24 hours. System design services are available if needed and cost comparison services are accessible to all customers who require further cost detail.

Rinnai’s Innovation Manifesto clearly outlines the path to carbon neutrality and maintains a pledge to fully decarbonize company operations by 2050. Rinnai will further support the global clean energy transition by introducing a wide variety of domestic heating options across multiple energy vectors. 

Rinnai is committed to decarbonisation. Rinnai’s water heating products are all hydrogen-blends ready NOW including the world’s first 100% hydrogen powered water heater. Rinnai products also accept BioLPG capable of delivering NetZero carbon emissions. Rinnai offer comprehensive training courses and technical support in all aspects of the water heating industry. More information can be found on Rinnai’s website and its “Help Me Choose” webpage.


18 August 2022


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