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Powernetic Flushing champions BoilerMag for domestic and light commercial systems

Specialising in the power flushing of domestic and light commercial heating systems within Basingstoke and surrounding areas, Powernetic Flushing has given its support to the BoilerMag Domestic filter as the top choice for protecting water quality and maintaining clean systems.

Luke Herbert, principal plumbing & heating engineer at Powernetic Flushing, launched the company after spending time at the multinational energy company SSE as a technical gas engineer. Having performed power flushing within the capacity of his previous role, Luke has garnered a passion for the benefits of the process used within domestic heating systems, such as enabling faster heating radiators, quieter boilers, more reliable systems, and increasing boiler life.

Following the introduction of modern, high-efficiency boilers that tend to be more sensitive and more compact, with smaller waterways, Luke noticed that issues with sludge and scale are becoming more apparent and inevitably leading to more frequent and expensive breakdowns. Having seen first-hand how clean systems can benefit homes, he now drives the importance of water quality through his company social media and website, as well as promoting the benefits of installing a magnetic filter to help remove problematic black sludge.

“Usually, my customers have already suffered from poor quality issues hence why I came to power flushing their systems. I let them know that 87% of heating breakdowns are the result of poor water quality, and a clean system can be 37% more energy efficient.” Luke explained. “I show customers pictures and examples of the benefits of a filter. I really like the BoilerMag because of the filtration system.”

“BoilerMag is the professional choice, with the filter will providing the ultimate system protection. The unique dual pass design has impressive benefits over other magnetic system filters on the market, and the results speak for themselves. It’s made from heavy-duty plastic which is great, and the spare o-rings and cut temple included in the box are really handy too. The power flush adapter is a brilliant idea as it allows you to carry out the flush through the filter and then fill the system up after the flush using a power flush machine to avoid airlocks. I would strongly recommend fellow heating engineers give the BoilerMag a go - the price and performance are unquestionable.”

The BoilerMag Flushing Adaptor makes system flushing quick and easy, with no need to detach the complete filter from the pipe. By installing the flushing attachment onto the port block-locking collar, it allows for engineers to have easy access to run a full flushing cycle, clearing all unwanted sludge and debris. The adaptor is compatible with most leading flushing systems and is compatible with either screw fit or female cam-lock hoses

Since first installing BoilerMag, Luke made the dual-flow domestic filter his go-to choice for its highly effective protection, above the brands he had previously used: “The dual pass magnet is a great idea and the power and quality of the magnet far exceeds other magnetic system filters. I also like the mesh filter for catching non-magnetic debris, they are great for removing magnetic and non-magnetic debris. The power of the magnet and dual pass feature gives peace of mind that the system is protected while improving energy efficiency.”

The BoilerMag high-performance magnetic filter installs in minutes and protects for years, offering a guaranteed no-block system, it fits seamlessly in line with a 360-degree adjustment to fit a wide range of spaces. For smaller spaces, the newly launched BoilerMagXC compact filter allows for BoilerMag’s patented dual flow technology to be installed within tight spaces.

19 November 2021


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If you need to open a Solenoid Valve manually, you need a SVOM!
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