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Piping systems for fuel and oils

Transport of fuels or oils is a critical task. Piping systems must meet high requirements, as spilling and losses can be catastrophic, both in terms of cost and for the environment. Family-owned manufacturer Sanha offers three reliable press systems for just this purpose: NiroSan Industry, NiroTherm Industry and Sanha-Therm Industry.

Stainless and carbon steel press systems

All three piping systems are resistant to acids and many other aggressive media. Furthermore, they do not release any substances into the transported fluids or gases themselves. Pipes and fittings are highly resistant to ageing and weathering. They can be used for heating oil, diesel and bio-diesel as well as petrol, paraffin, bio-ethanol, methanol, motor, gear and waste oils or AdBlue.

Stainless and carbon steel press systems

For NiroSan Industry, the Essen-based company uses high-quality stainless steel of the material 1.4404. This contains at least 2.3 % molybdenum and a reduced carbon content compared to conventional materials such as 1.4401, ensuring a higher corrosion resistance.

NiroTherm Industry made of material 1.4301 is especially suitable for closed systems. Traditionally, carbon steel is used here due to its lower material cost. However, stainless steel has a clear advantage when it comes to damp areas or any risk of external moisture exposure: time-consuming protective measures are hardly necessary. As time and labour are the main cost drivers, using stainless steel often turns out to be the more cost-effective solution.

Having said this, carbon steel does offer an attractive and time-tested method for almost all closed systems. Examples of these are solar, heating or cooling. The piping system SANHA-Therm Industry, just like its stainless steel cousins, comes with sealing rings made of FKM (fluorocarbon or fluororubber). Depending on the medium, the operating temperature ranges from -20 °C to +160 °C.

As an alternative to the press systems, pipelines can also be soldered if required. Here, the solder fitting series 4000 and 5000 can be used for hard and soft soldering.

Find out more at sanha.co.uk or give us a call today: 01628 819245!


12 April 2022


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