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MPs back boiler scrappage campaign

Some 53 MPs have backed an early day motion which calls on the government to implement a boiler replacement scheme for the UK and the Liberal Democrat MP who tabled it is pushing for more politicians to lend their support.

The text of the full motion reads:

'That this House welcomes the Reheat Britain campaign for a boiler scrappage scheme that would support existing jobs for plumbers, builders and suppliers suffering during the recession as well as creating new green jobs and training places; notes that a household could save more than £200 a year in gas bills with a new boiler and that by replacing just some of the 4.5 million inefficient boilers, thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions could be saved every year as well as supporting British manufacturers; and calls on the government to support this scheme'.

Currently bearing 53 MP signatures, the motion is backed by:-

2 Conservative party members

5 Democratic Unionist party members

2 Independent members

29 Labour members

14 Liberal Democrats

1 Scottish National Party member

Richard Younger-Ross MP, Liberal Democrat, Teignbridge and vice-chair of the Construction Skills and Training Group, tabled the early day motion (2076) in October. Over the next two weeks, Richard Younger-Ross said he will push for more MPs to back the scheme and expects to get the support of well over 100 MPs. Early day motions (EDMs), although submitted for debate in the House of Commons, are rarely debated there.

However, Younger-Ross said: 'The response from MPs has been positive so far. I'll push for more names so that we can raise this EDM in the house. The scheme concerns the treasury, environment and business and so we'll be looking for cross-ministerial support. I'd like to ask what the government would estimate to be the fall in carbon emissions if we had a boiler scrappage scheme in place'.

The campaign for a boiler scrappage scheme was kickstarted by Mick Williams, managing director of Williams & Co of Fareham, a plumbers merchant who launched a petition on the 10 Downing street website in July 2009. His petition, asking government to talk to boiler manufacturers to discuss implementing a scheme, has attracted almost 2,000 signatures.

Williams is glad MPs have lent their voices of support to the cause. He said: “It makes sense. There are, I understand, some four million band G boilers still in use. These are sending some 13 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Changing these to condensing boilers or heat pumps or other forms of renewables could save enough energy to heat 3.4million homes for a year.”

Williams added: 'And, bearing in mind that the construction industry is in recession, this would give a fillip to plumbers, central heating installers, and plumbers merchants. And the householder would benefit too'.

To sign the petition, click here
2 November 2009


By Mark McClements
02 November 2009 00:03:00
What a difference this could make to the quality of life of thousands of householders as well as make a very significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants.
By K Gordon
02 November 2009 00:02:00
I agree with the petition. If the government made a reasonable contribution, many more people would update their old boilers, even though these are still in working order.
By System Thinker
02 November 2009 00:01:00
Too much is made of greater efficiency from a new boiler but new condensing boilers whilst being more efficient only produce that efficiency at low operating temperatures and work best with underfloor heating. We need to look at the full environmental considerations which included the energy gone into manufacturing the boilers in the first place. We would be far better insulating houses better. In this country there are millions of homes with solid walls but no help for them.If you insulate to such a level that you need little heat it does not matter much how efficient the boiler is. Think about it.
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