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Grease poses fire danger

Unless grease extract systems are cleaned according to the latest HVCA standards, they are likely to be a fire risk. And powers of prosecution can be instigated, writes Richard Norman, managing director of Indepth Hygiene 
 1 Sep 2007

ADCAS to join with HVCA in forum for the future

Britain's ductwork specialists will be gathering in October for a seminar, which could have a significant impact on the future of their industry. 
 1 Sep 2007

Miller's tale

BUILDERS build buildings – we make them work.” This is a favourite expression of the man who has just taken up the presidency of the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association (HVCA). 
 31 Aug 2007

Air: the latest source of sustainable energy

ONE of the country’s largest suppliers of heating and cooling equipment is calling for a radical change to the way we heat and cool our commercial and residential buildings. 
 9 Aug 2007

Editors Comment: Leading the charge - or just following?

Mrs Braithwaite and I own a narrowboat which is berthed at Upton Marina. 
 1 Aug 2007

Health & Safety Matters: Dramatic rise in carbon monoxide deaths

Is the industry doing enough to reduce the danger posed by carbon monoxide, asks Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA 
 1 Aug 2007

Burning Issue: Youth training: fact or fiction?

The training of apprentices seems easy but can pose problems for employers. There is a general lack of knowledge, and confusion abounds. Vance Rowe, managing director of Cyclone Commerce discusses a more effective approach 
 1 Aug 2007

Company Profile: Stronger together and staying apart

It has been a hectic few weeks for Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial business, as they move into the Baxi headquarters and merge their back offices. But, the result will be two much stronger brands. Paul Braithwaite talks to Gavin Watson, business development manager 
 1 Aug 2007

Training Supplement: Enhancing competence

Following her recent appointment as head of education and training at the HVCA, Sarah Wicks, outlines some of the principal items on the sector's skills agenda 
 1 Aug 2007

Training Supplement: Learning to earn from solar

The government's ambitious target to cut 60% of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 means business for installers who are ready to work with micro-generation technologies such as solar thermal hot water. Peter Dayton, (right) technical director for Gas Logic, explains the importance of gaining relevant training 
 1 Aug 2007

Training Supplement: MHI's training centre promotes excellence

MHI is opening an engineering, training and technology centre in conjunction with its distributor HRP-3D to meet the challenges facing the air conditioning and refrigeration industry in the future 
 1 Aug 2007

Training Supplement: Addressing the skills shortage

The latest regulations mean training within the air conditioning industry has become paramount. Here, Gary Barrington, training manager at Daikin Airconditioning UK, discusses the issues now facing installers and what they can do to stay one step ahead and offer the best possible service to customers 
 1 Aug 2007

Training Supplement: City and Guilds for split AC installers

ELLIS Training Works has recently gained approval from City & Guilds (C&G) for a new course: City & Guilds 2081 - Split Air Conditioning System Installation & Commissioning. 
 1 Aug 2007

Training Supplement: Improve the sector - get a diploma

Next September, 10,000 students could be enrolling on two hvacr diplomas. Employer involvement will be key to their success 
 1 Aug 2007

Pumps and Valves: An orderly assembly

WHEN planning a project involving terminal units, such as fan coils or chilled beams, one key decision is whether to adopt conventional pipework assembly techniques or use prefabricated assemblies. The right choice can make a significant difference in terms of finances, performance and completion on time. 
 1 Aug 2007

Pumps and Valves: Controlling the flow

Martyn Rowlands (below), head of marketing for Durapipe UK, discusses the developments of plastic valve technology 
 1 Aug 2007

Pumps and Valves: How to cope with change

The valves industry has seen great change during the past ten years. Requirements for specialist ranges have shifted, and the flexibility of core valve packages has grown enormously. Tom Wilson, business development director for BSS, discusses these changes, and looks at the choices available to today's valve specifier 
 1 Aug 2007

Pumps and Valves: Dutypoint 'makes life easier'

Dutypoint Systems has added two products to its booster set and pressurisation range. 
 1 Aug 2007

Pumps and Valves: Healthy savings

Pumps contribute to a significant proportion of the UK's energy use. Stuart Herritty of Wilo reports on how one hospital has slashed its energy bills - and its carbon emissions 
 1 Aug 2007

Water Treatment: Stopping rust without chemicals

A steel factory in Jordan needed to prevent corrosion of its cooling system to keep it running efficiently. It called in equipment from water conditioning manufacturer Hydropath to do a year-long trial of chemical-free corrosion prevention 
 1 Aug 2007
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