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Air Conditioning World - All roads lead to market

There are benefits and drawbacks to selling directly or through a distributor. Kazuo Sakakara, chair of FG Eurofred, can see no reason why the company should not be able to have the best of both worlds - and boost business into the bargain 
 1 Dec 2007

Air Conditioning World - Get it right first time

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Designing chilled water circuits to aid commissioning is the first step in achieving an efficient,
responsive system, says Wayne Perrins of Axair Climate 
 1 Dec 2007

Chimneys and Flues - Policing the air we breathe

The Clean Air Act is often abused, misunderstood and, on occasions, blatantly ignored. But SFL sales manager Mandy Webb (right) believes installing the correct chimney or flue can save money, as well as protecting air quality 
 1 Dec 2007

Chimneys and flues - Keeping standards sky high

Whether it is a multi-flue chimney, a fan dilution system or a generator exhaust, Schriedel Rite-Vent says it has a product to suit every commercial application. Here are some examples of the company's work from across the UK 
 1 Dec 2007

Contractor Profile: How to keep your customers happy

Mark Bolitho and Paul Smith have been working together for more than 20 years. They insist there is no magic formula for their success, just an undiluted enthusiasm and an insistence on good customer service. HVR talks to the directors of heating services firm Blue Flame 
 1 Dec 2007

Zero-carbon electricity 'could replace gas for heating'

A major report from the influential Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) has foreseen "zero-carbon electricity replacing natural gas as the energy source for space and water heating". 
 1 Dec 2007

Solar heating's bright future

Katie Cope of Glow-worm takes a close look at some recent research into what the industry and customers really think about the fast-emerging solar marketplace 
 1 Dec 2007

Technology releases the power of biology

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Plants offer an almost limitless renewable source of energy. Graham Blandford, marketing director of Viessmann UK, looks at some of the technical points to be considered with bio-energy systems 
 1 Dec 2007

Going underground for true sustainability

The ever-increasing emphasis on sustainable heating and ventilating means geothermal energy ought to be on everyone's agenda, says Stephen Laws, technical director of Clyde Energy Solutions 
 1 Dec 2007

Pulling together for change

Three years in, ICOM Energy Association is at the forefront of helping the industry to face up to its environmental responsibilities. Director general Peter McCree, right, reports 
 1 Dec 2007

Contractor Profile: NG Bailey puts its money where its mouth is!

NG Bailey, probably the biggest UK independent building services provider, is proving sustainability works by using it in its own buildings, first to prove it works and then to showcase it to its clients. Paul Braithwaite reports. 
 15 Nov 2007

Company Profile: What's in a name? Everything when it is Mikrofill!

This is the second time that Paul Braithwaite has written about Mikrofill. 
 1 Nov 2007

Pre-budget report hits small firms

Paula Tallon, tax specialist at Chiltern, part of BDO Stoy Hayward LLP discusses the changes in Alistair Darling's first pre-budget report. 
 1 Nov 2007

HEALTH&SAFETY- It's a risky business

Contractors have had a year to deal with new fire and asbestos regulations. How are they doing? asks Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA 
 1 Nov 2007

Industrial Space Heating: Factoring in all the variables

When considering design options for the heating and ventilation of large industrial spaces, there are a number of requirements that need to be addressed to provide the best solution. Chris Ree of Hoval discusses which options may be most appropriate for a variety of scenarios 
 1 Nov 2007

The changing face of industrial heating

Climate change regulations and shifting customer needs means heating products have had to adapt. Powrmatic's Mick Etherington discusses the evolutionary developments the company has undergone 
 1 Nov 2007

How to use energy more efficiently

From Blue Peter to G8 summits, the energy question is constantly under discussion. UK industry is deemed to have a key role to play in reducing the national carbon footprint
- exactly how it will achieve the energy savings targets is less clear. Keith Sprague of AmbiRad offers a practical guide to heating premises more efficiently 
 1 Nov 2007

Curtains hold on to your heat

In any building, it is pointless installing an efficient system if you do not protect its weak points: the doorways. Air curtains can stop the expensively heated or chilled air escaping, writes Phil Chilton of Dimplex 
 1 Nov 2007

Evaporative air-cooling: latent and sensible

Evaporative air-cooling uses less energy, is healthier and has lower running costs than standard methods. Seeley's Steve Kirkwood, left, discusses the benefits and ponders why it is not more widely used 
 1 Nov 2007

Fight carbon with carbon

Heat pumps are gaining popularity because of their environmental credentials, writes Graham Wright of Sanyo, and air-to-water CO2 units will take the market by storm 
 1 Nov 2007
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