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Be prepared: be winter ready

As we enter the winter months, Mark Hodgkinson of Xylem Water Solutions UK is calling on all businesses to be prepared and to ensure their business continuity plan is up to date. 
 14 Oct 2014

Uponor answers the most common UFH queries

Underfloor Heating (UFH) has been installed in British homes for decades yet its roots go back hundreds of years. 
 8 Sep 2014

Green Deal - Success or failure?

“Due to overwhelming popular demand, the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is closed for applications with immediate effect” reads a press release on the DECC website. The ... 
 14 Aug 2014

The art of the ball valve

Understated and discreet, the humble ball valve is one of the vital cogs in the machinery that drives the modern world. 
 4 Aug 2014

When it comes to return on investment, size matters

When it comes to return on investment, size matters In buildings where there is a large heating/cooling demand over extended periods, the benefits of combined heat and power (CHP) are hard to beat. 
 8 Jul 2014

Finding a fan base in a few new sectors

Finding a fan base in a few new sectors Not just for large commercial use, smaller CHP units are attracting new sectors of the market. 
 8 Jul 2014

Can less really be more? Single vs multi CHP

Alex Parkinson of Bosch Commerial Heating evaluates the pros and cons of multiple module CHP systems vs single module arrangements 
 8 Jul 2014

Getting the best out of green solutions

Renewable and low carbon technologies should be hailed as the saviour of commercial heating, helping users to reduce their carbon emissions and cut energy costs. 
 8 Jul 2014

Fan array keeps Mary Rose project ship shape

It’s not often you get to see something completey different, but when you go behind the scenes of the conservation site of the 16th Century Mary Rose in Portsmouth’s historic dockyard that’s exactly what you get. 
 8 Jul 2014

Building regulations and ductwork leakage testing

The Building Regulations require ductwork leakage testing, with implications for designers, installers, and maintenance contractors. Peter Rogers chairman of the B&ES Ductwork Group Technical explains 
 8 Jul 2014

Examining the options to a high-scale problem

Stored hot water systems suffer badly from the problem of scale build up – even when water treatment measures are set in place which could put a burden on water heaters. Scott Humphries argues in favour of zinc-based calcium inhibitors. 
 8 Jul 2014

When it comes to cooling don’t play Russian roulette

What is the right way to cost effectively cool a data centre? Is it about increasing the input temperature? Maybe aisle containment is the answer? What about free air cooling? 
 7 Jul 2014

Ground source suits the residential sector

Ground source suits the residential sector Chris Davis explains the benefits of district ground source heat pump systems for the residential sector 
 3 Jul 2014

Hybrid heat pumps: the best of both worlds

Hybrid heat pumps are an attractive option for combi boiler replacement, particularly as they are eligible for domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payments, argues Nancy Jonsson. 
 3 Jul 2014

Document J: the latest on chimney and flue installation

The new UK Annex to BS EN 15287-1, the European installation standard for flues and chimneys, has introduced the most radical changes to the guidance on flue installations for biomass applications, for many years. 
 3 Jul 2014

Hotter summers – the air conditioning turn off

As we approach what is predicted to be another scorching summer commercial property owners, facility managers and office managers will be under extreme pressure to ensure that their air conditioning plants can cope with higher, prolonged temperatures to maintain a cool comfortable working environment. Carl Webb identifies a solution for hire. 
 3 Jul 2014

Maintain your flue: who knew?

Everyone knows that the boiler systems in combined heat and power (CHP) plants of any commercial building need maintenance and servicing at regular intervals, but John Hamnett says the same applies to flues and chimneys. 
 3 Jul 2014

The Rolls-Royce of heating

When independent Rolls-Royce Motor Cars fanchise P&A Wood built a new showroom the utmost care and consideration had to go into specifying a heating system.


 1 Jul 2014

More important than a tick box exercise

Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery units, more commonly known as MVHR, are increasingly common in the UK, but results can be variable. 
 1 Jul 2014

When whole-life cost outweighs initial outlay

Most manufacturers of heating systems are now looking to systems that deliver whole life costs as a way of making real energy savings. 
 1 Jul 2014
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