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Financial Matters: What keeps businesses afloat?

Close Invoice Finance’s David Butler looks at the lessons owner managers should have learned 
 1 Mar 2006

Contractor Profile: Now take your partners...

A month or so ago, Ross Maynard, operations manager for Lorne Stewart plc on Project SLAM, unhappy with the comment in HVR about BAA leading the charge to partnering, invited Paul Braithwaite to meet him at his Southampton office to talk about Project SLAM , how partnering had been working there for about four years and how he hopes it will change construction. 
 1 Mar 2006

Burning Issue: Single-room ventilation systems wasting resources

John Davison, managing director of Airtech Environmental Systems, cannot understand why single room heat recovery systems continue to be recommended as energy efficient products when the prevailing wind speed in the British Isles renders them totally ineffective 
 1 Mar 2006

Ventilation: Decent Homes Standard: where are we today!

Suzanne Millward, Vent-Axia’s residential marketing manager, gives an update on the progress of the government’s Decent Homes Standard 
 1 Mar 2006

Ventilation: High performance impeller rotates at the top

Free running wheels continue their advance in climate boxes. With the high-performance C-series impellers, Ziehl-Abegg is providing a powerful, extremely economical and quiet backward-curved impeller. Les Fish, managing director of Ziehl-Abegg UK, discusses the advance 
 1 Mar 2006

Mission critical blade cooling: New Trox company launches CO2 blade cooling system

Trox believes its new blade server cooling system will take the mission critical market by storm. Indeed, so sure is Trox of its system and its ability to deliver the business that it has launched a new company to market the product. Paul Braithwaite talks to Guy Hutchins, sales and marketing director of Trox Advanced IT Cooling Systems. 
 1 Mar 2006

Air conditioning world: Nobu bites off a chunk of Sanyo GHP

THE original Nobu restaurant in London has proved so popular with the rich and famous that the city has now become the first in the world to become home to three of these high-class, innovative restaurants. 
 1 Mar 2006

Air conditioning world: Axair Climate focuses on long term partners

Axair Climate has recently added Fujitsu to its distributor portfolio in the UK. Here Paul Kingswell, sales director (below), sets out the reasons 
 1 Mar 2006

Air conditioning world: Mitsubishi puts mix mode system in head office

Mitsubishi is putting its money where its mouth is. Last year, it linked with ventilation specialist Passivent in a move which could save energy costs of up to 40%. It has recently refurbished its Hatfield offices and installed the system there. Philip Ord, VRF product manager, explains the workings of the mixed mode system 
 1 Mar 2006

Company Profile: Air management solutions lead the charge for Vent-Axia

Construction is changing and so is Vent-Axia. The industry is adopting a project-led stance and Vent-Axia, realising this, is using its expertise in heating and air conditioning as well as ventilation to look at air management solutions. David Neale, channel marketing manager for the commercial sector, talks to HVR about the changes 
 1 Mar 2006

Editors Comment: Stop press: Blair and Braithwaite agree shock!

I had a press release in the other day about how Green Party is launching a major energy campaign and calling on people to subscribe in their millions to green energy tariffs. 
 1 Feb 2006

News: Why safety works

Workplace safety is improving but there are still too many injuries and this is costing British business dear - on all counts, says Bob Towse, head of technical & safety at the HVCA. 
 1 Jan 2006

Finance: Resolutions to keep

There are some New Year resolutions which do not exist to be broken! So says Close Invoice Finance sales director Andrew Radley,, right, as he looks at what businesses should be focusing on in 2006. 
 1 Jan 2006

Mikrofill realises domestic potential of Ethos range

Dave Cox, left, general manager of Mikrofill, explains to Paul Braithwaite why the company’s high performance Ethos boiler is just right for the domestic market – and is backing it with a new company and a marketing spend 
 1 Jan 2006

Contractor Profile: CATCH THE SUN!

Alan Ward, director of Bienne Heating, has been interested in solar heating all his working life, not surprising then that he is an expert in the field – or rather on the roof! Here, he discusses the issues with Paul Braithwaite 
 1 Jan 2006

Environmental control systems: Come on in, the water’s lovely

Heatstar offers HVAC contractors and installers the specialist expertise and equipment to develop the lucrative swimming pool market through the use of better environmental control and optimised energy recovery 
 1 Jan 2006

Company Profile: The future’s bright – and very busy for Estimation

Estimation Group is kicking off 2006 with some exciting new products, a new way of presenting its products to the market and the launch of new technologies which haven’t been applied to building services before. HVR talks to David Bell, below, managing director 
 1 Jan 2006

Pipes and fittings:Fast track piping solutions which work in the real world

In today’s world of building and plant construction, the process of facility design and engineering moves at a rapid pace. Often, fast track construction is the rule, not the exception. David Snodgrass, UK and Ireland country manager for Victaulic, pipe joining system manufacturer, shows how to manage those accelerated schedules with improved piping system construction, while meeting or exceeding design standards. 
 1 Jan 2006

Pipes and fittings: Price rises force change on galvanised pipework users

Malcolm Crossley, managing director of Legris, insists his company’s product is quicker and easier to install than galvanised steel pipework and, with the cost of galvanised pipework rising, it is time for even the traditionalists to look for alternatives 
 1 Jan 2006

Refrigeration: F-gas reg: embrace the legislation

John Skelton, group projects manager of Parasense, urges the industry to embrace F-gas legislation rather than view it as a burden. 
 1 Jan 2006
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