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Condensing boilers meet strict efficiency needs

Darren Finley of Ideal Commercial examines how the innovative features offered by modern commercial condensing boilers simplify the replacement of old inefficient boilers, offering the potential for significant cost and energy savings as well as ensuring existing buildings will be able to meet increasingly stringent efficiency requirements 
 10 Mar 2014

LPG finds favour with eco-conscious businesses

In the colder months when businesses place further focus on their energy usage, installers and heating engineers are being called upon to help commercial operations cut their carbon emissions and reduce their fuel costs. Here, Lee Gannon, of Flogas, discusses how this is leading to a rise in the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) amongst the more eco-conscious of businesses 
 3 Mar 2014

Ground source heat pump rewards explained

Chris Davis, at Kensa Heat Pumps, explains the benefits of district ground source heat pump systems for the residential sector 
 3 Mar 2014

Ventilation holes make passageways for fire

The popularity of forced ventilation systems is increasing dramatically, largely driven by air tightness regulations and increasing energy efficiency requirements. This means a dramatic increase of ventilation ducting and valves which inevitably penetrate the fire compartments, both in ceilings and walls. Mark Davies has the inside story 
 3 Mar 2014

Ductwork deserves closer attention

Malcolm Moss, explains why ductwork needs close attention at every stage of its lifetime in order to provide a safe, healthy and energy efficient indoor environment 
 3 Mar 2014

The benefits of EPIV valves explained

Having just got used to PICC valves, the market is now faced with EPIVs - so what's an EPIV? Peter Lowther explains 
 3 Mar 2014

Industry's role in cutting emissions

With the economy still in a fragile state of recovery, how can the HVAC industry make a difference? Martin Fahey explains how adopting a lean, mean and green approach can help grow your business and save customers money 
 27 Feb 2014

Waste not, want not through demand controlled ventilation

Improving ventilation control enhances building performance and staff productivity, while reducing fuel bills and carbon emissions. David Cook, explains how demand control ventilation saves energy and reduces carbon while providing the comfort staff require 
 27 Feb 2014

Fitting advice helps optimise heat pump performance

Specifying, designing and installing heat pump systems presents building services engineers with several challenges, but how are they best met? Bob Towse, Head of Technical and Safety at B&ES, has an answer 
 13 Feb 2014

Traditional values see Albion through 20 years

Commitment to its distributors has been at the heart of Albion's business model since opening its doors in South Yorkshire 20 years ago. Today, maintaining these relations is still a focal point in the company's strategic approach, and continues to contribute to its growth says sales director Les Littlewood
 13 Feb 2014

Green or greenwash?

Sandy Patience of, discusses how to identify green products among all the greenwash 
 13 Feb 2014

The efficient route to a sustainable future

With energy continuing to dominate the headlines and rising fuel prices an increasing concern for society at large, Mark Northcott argues that energy efficiency is the sustainable answer 
 22 Jan 2014

High value in smart gas valve choice

Commercial buildings are being forced to be ever more energy efficient, but all too often the humble gas valve is forgotten when it comes to new build specification or as a retrofit. Paul Aston explains how being ahead of the game on gas valve choice could ensure increased energy efficiency in commercial buildings 
 22 Jan 2014

Maximise benefits through a holistic approach

With fuel costs on the rise, it is becoming increasingly important for commercial and industrial applications to help investors to mitigate this increase. Pete Mills, explains how taking a more holistic approach to the provision of heating and hot water can result in bespoke systems which maximise efficiency levels 
 22 Jan 2014

Making noise about heavy metal

The European Drinking Water Directive sets new legal requirements for lead in drinking water. Barny Parks of pipe and fitting manufacturer SANHA explains how contractors can ensure they comply with the legislation 
 22 Jan 2014

Humidity balancing act is key to preserving valuables

With the combination of high humidification and very low energy consumption, modern adiabatic cold-water humidifiers seem to present an attractive option says Andie Chessun 
 22 Jan 2014

Humidification systems - the pros and the cons

With a wide range of humidifiers on the market and an increased requirement by end users to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, David Marshall-George, looks at the pros and cons of the different types of humidification systems 
 22 Jan 2014

Missed opportunity for significant efficiency gains

There is widespread acceptance of the pressing need to conserve energy on all sites - both residential and commercial. But the Government looks set to miss a golden opportunity to alleviate the strain on our over-stretched energy network and counteract poor enforcement. Chris Goggin explains the situation 
 21 Jan 2014

Scaling the hurdles of heating

Communicating the significant benefits of the lifetime cost as opposed to the initial acquisition outlay is one of the biggest challenges facing the award winning Poole-based boiler manufacturer Hamworthy Heating according to technical director Bob Walsh 
 21 Jan 2014

Ill wind breathes hope for specialist contractors

Last month we heard how Northern Ireland's building services engineering sector has suffered more than any other UK region during the recession. Now, although things are starting to pick up, the chairman of the SEC Northern Ireland Brian Hood urges caution 
 21 Jan 2014
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