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Business Matters: How much are you worth?

Negotiate your way to the top, says Martin Luise, managing director of headhunter Charles Fellowes Group 
 1 May 2007

Contractor Profile: Steady hand on the tiller

The company which Tony Whale took over three-and-a-half years ago when he was made CEO was very different from the stable, good-to-do-business-with model which has emerged under his management. But there is still a long way to go for Emcor UK and its clients. Paul Braithwaite talks to the man at the helm 
 1 May 2007

Burning Issue: Right second time around?

Underfloor Heating Manufacturers' Association chairman Rex Ingram highlights the difficulty of predicting the energy profile of buildings 
 1 May 2007

Company Profile; A whiter shade of Powrmatic

Kieron Borgeat, commercial manager at Powrmatic, explains how the company has been moving forward and why a change from green to white for its units is far more significant than just a new colour. Paul Braithwaite visits the company to watch the first white units to go through the painting process 
 1 May 2007

Air Handling Units: Higher profile for air handlers

Air handling units are often seen as basic, almost commodity, items but, with more thought and a flexible approach, they can be made to work harder for their money, suggests Neil Oliver of Dunham Bush 
 1 May 2007

Air handling Units: It's good news for those who exercise control

The growth in technology is good news for close control applications says Joe Wieckowski, general sales manager for Colman Moducel 
 1 May 2007

Air Handling Units: Carrier ahus emphasise heat recovery and more choice

A DEFINITE trend acknowledged at Carrier is the specification and installation of more and more Carrier equipment as integrated systems with Carrier chillers being perfectly matched to Carrier air handling units and, increasingly, to fan coils too. 
 1 May 2007

End users benefit from energy recovery solutions in ahus

Craig McFadyen, system products manager at Fl kt Woods, looks at the issues surrounding the different types of heat recovery units 
 1 May 2007

Underfloor Heating: Don't let the piper call the tune

Keith Westcott of Even-Heat believes that using on-site trades can ensure vital flexibility for floor heating installations 
 1 May 2007

Underfloor Heating; Heating takes to the floor

Space-saving and energy-efficient, underfloor heating systems are gaining popularity across all market sectors. Specifying this type of heating solution can make a significant contribution to a building's energy efficiency rating - so it is well worth considering. Peter Binstead, technical director at Ferroli, looks at the growth in underfloor heating and the key points to consider when installing this type of system in solid, suspended and floating floors 
 1 May 2007

Editors Comment: Spot the danger signs even if they are not there!

There is a building site near our offices. Needless to say, I have been watching the workers there. There is a hard hat policy on the site and most of the construction workers wear them, although not always the right way round. 
 1 Apr 2007

HVRs Anatomy Series: Anatomy of a condensing water heater

THERE is a certain inevitability about the use of condensing technology in the design and production of direct gas-fired water heaters. This follows legislation-driven moves in recent years towards condensing heating boilers. 
 1 Apr 2007

Health & Safety Maters: YouTube antics must be stamped out

Tomfoolery on building sites is no laughing matter, says Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA 
 1 Apr 2007

Business Matters: Better access to finance needed for SMEs

Plan ahead when your business is healthy, says Close Invoice Finance sales director David Butler 
 1 Apr 2007

Contractor Profile: THE PROBLEM SOLVERS

Argent FM has had more than its fair share of tough times but its approach of working directly for end clients only has clearly paid off. 
 1 Apr 2007

Burning Issue: Government talks the talk but it's the death knell for HIPs

Home Information Packs were a great opportunity for government to stop talking and start doing something about energy waste but it looks like they've blown it, says Mike Malina of the Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association (HVCA)*. 
 1 Apr 2007

Company Profile: Ability Projects - it's blowing a gale for EC fans

Peter Lowther, managing director of Ability Projects, discusses the issues surrounding fan coil units and his business. Paul Braithwaite reports 
 1 Apr 2007

Heat Pumps: Heat pump technology: one solution for the future

With energy prices continuing to rise and the UK's increasing dependence on imported oil and gas, it is more important than ever for the UK to look at reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and consider alternative heating methods. Here Simon Keel, at Daikin Airconditioning UK, looks at heat pump technology and how it can benefit installer's end-user customers 
 1 Apr 2007

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps: where next?

Stewart Purchase, chief executive of Viessmann UK, discusses the increasing use of heat pumps in the UK and how technology is helping to move this exotic heat source into the mainstream arena 
 1 Apr 2007

Heat Pumps: Heading for a greener future

It's not just the heating and ventilation industry which is championing renewable energy products like heat pumps. It's the government and consumers too. Peter Gammon, technical product manager at MHS Boilers, believes the future could well be green. However, there's plenty to learn along the way. Here he takes a look at some of the issues around heat pumps and what the industry can do to make a difference 
 1 Apr 2007
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