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Pumps and Valves: How to cope with change

The valves industry has seen great change during the past ten years. Requirements for specialist ranges have shifted, and the flexibility of core valve packages has grown enormously. Tom Wilson, business development director for BSS, discusses these changes, and looks at the choices available to today's valve specifier 
 1 Aug 2007

Pumps and Valves: Dutypoint 'makes life easier'

Dutypoint Systems has added two products to its booster set and pressurisation range. 
 1 Aug 2007

Pumps and Valves: Healthy savings

Pumps contribute to a significant proportion of the UK's energy use. Stuart Herritty of Wilo reports on how one hospital has slashed its energy bills - and its carbon emissions 
 1 Aug 2007

Water Treatment: Stopping rust without chemicals

A steel factory in Jordan needed to prevent corrosion of its cooling system to keep it running efficiently. It called in equipment from water conditioning manufacturer Hydropath to do a year-long trial of chemical-free corrosion prevention 
 1 Aug 2007

Honesty is Mark's Policy

Mark Grant, managing director of Cold Control, is not a quitter. Perhaps more to the point, his staff believe in him and what he is trying to do. Above all, he is honest with clients and staff and it pays dividends. Paul Braithwaite reports. 
 1 Jul 2007

Energy Efficiency: Heating the swimming pool without the guilt

Paul Scott, technical director of Heatstar, discusses the social responsibility of building and running a swimming pool and looks at one way of assuaging the guilt. 
 1 Jul 2007

Multi-site HVAC: Large sites – larger questions!

Stewart Purchase, managing director of Viessmann UK, explains the Durham Standard and its impact on the future 
 1 Jul 2007

Multi-site HVAC: ‘You put it where?’

Buderus technical liaison officer Pete Mills looks at boiler siting issues for the larger home 
 1 Jul 2007

Humidification: it’s a gas – and it’s economic too!

Rik Prowen, operations director at JS Humidifiers, takes a looks at the economy of using gas-fired humidification 
 1 Jul 2007

Humidification: Humidifiers without steam

There is no single answer to humidification problems, says Robert Carr, managing director of Carr Marketing, a number of aspects have to be considered in order to achieve the correct solution 
 1 Jul 2007

F-Gas regulation: F-gas: get up to speed now!

From this month, new government legislation introduced to reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (including HFCs) used in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment came into force. Here, Simon Keel, from leading air conditioning specialist Daikin UK, explains what installers need to know about F-gas regulation 
 1 Jul 2007

Business Matters: Corporate social responsibility: Is it friend or foe?

Corporate social responsibility – is it really a positive advantage to business or an imposed liability? Close Invoice Finance sales director David Butler tackles the issue. 
 1 Jul 2007

Burning issue: Fan of high energy efficiency

The criteria used during the selection of fans for use in the refrigeration and air conditioning market have moved around in recent years and, for many, high energy efficiency is currently at the top of the wish list, says Les Fish of Ziehl-Abegg 
 1 Jul 2007

Company Savvy: Jaga: radiating savvy

JAGA Heating Products' new radiator technology could help heat pump suppliers crack the replacement and refurbishment market. 
 1 Jul 2007

Displacement ventilation: better air quality, lower cost

Displacement ventilation works with high heat loads, occupancy levels and levels of contamination. And, says Richard Meskimmon (right), technical manager SP Coils Products, it’s energy efficient too 
 1 Jul 2007

Energy Efficiency: WSP accepts the challenge of delivering natural ventilation

DURING the past year or so we have seen a step-change in the retail industry’s attitude to sustainability, with a far greater emphasis on building life cycle costs being taken into consideration, as well as looking more closely at reducing energy usage. It is clear the use of BREEAM in retail schemes has increased the profile/knowledge of sustainability issues. 
 1 Jul 2007

Editors Comment: Working together is working smarter!

I heard some very interesting figures during a visit to the Trox factory to see the new press the company has just bought. 
 1 Jun 2007

Health & safety matters: Getting under the skin of worker health

Safety hogs the headlines, but long-term worker health issues deserve more urgent attention, says Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA 
 1 Jun 2007

BUSINESS MATTERS: Now is the time for pension planning

There is no better time than the present to get your pension planning right, says Baker Tilly director and pensions specialist Gary Grewal 
 1 Jun 2007

Contractor Profile: Rock stars and hospitals: it’s all in a day’s work!

Sharp + Howse managing director Bob Shelley admits he has a low boredom threshold, so it is just as well that his company works for such a diverse range of clients 
 1 Jun 2007
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