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Contractor Profile: Fully integrated

Before he could develop his business, Bryan Glastonbury had to work out exactly what kind of company it was. Paul Braithwaite reports 
 1 Sep 2007

Burning Issue: Are m&e experts providing the best fan solutions?

When it comes to the selection of fan coil motors are we, as an industry, doing enough to provide the solution best suited to the requirements of the end user, asks Peter Faruqi of Dunham Bush 
 1 Sep 2007

Company Profile: S&P Coil Products plays to its specialist strengths

WARWICK Taylor joined SPC in May 2005. His brief was to grow the business in the UK leaving the managing director to concentrate on the burgeoning Middle East division. The company decided to move out of high volume/low margin coil work in favour of the higher margin specialist business. As well as coils, SPC supplies radiant panels, trench heaters, door curtains, heat pipes and fan convectors Door curtains are an add-on to the business. It is something the sales managers can offer when they are quoting for complete projects. "SPC has one of the broadest ranges and most powerful door curtains on the market. There are also new control packages which have recently been developed." 
 1 Sep 2007

The gentle breeze of change blows through the industry

Climate change has put air distribution back in the spotlight as users look for more energy-efficient methods of moving air around. Joe Wieckowski, general sales manager of Colman Moducel, reports 
 1 Sep 2007

Thinking outside the duct

Choosing the best whole-life ventilation solution necessitates a working knowledge of the options available. Paul Russon of Euro Air UK reveals some interesting facts about fabric ventilation used for heating and cooling 
 1 Sep 2007

Air Conditioning world: Staying one step ahead of customer expectations

Business success lies in having a good product and providing your customers with the level of service they desire. Here, Mick Langford, air conditioning sales director at Daikin Airconditioning UK, discusses a number of initiatives the company has introduced to help raise the standards of customer service in the air conditioning industry 
 1 Sep 2007

Air Conditioning World: LG blows hot and cold to maintain comfort

Ian Boyd, a dedicated VRF engineer for LG Air Conditioning, looks at some of the technical points on the overall performance of a heat recovery VRF system when the cooling needs to switch to heating 
 1 Sep 2007

Air Conditioning World: How heat pumps are destined to help save the planet

THE debate about our global future continues to heat up as everyone gets incredibly serious about the damaging effects of modern life on the environment. 
 1 Sep 2007

Air Conditioning World: Solar air conditioning: what contractors need to know

For a long time the hvac industry has been talking about using solar to power air conditioning systems. Unfortunately, not much headway has been made in developing a feasible solution for the marketplace, until now that is. Graham Wright of Sanyo Air Conditioners examines the technology and what it means to the hvac contractor 
 1 Sep 2007

Air Conditioning World: Streamlining air con climate control choices

As air conditioning becomes more of the UK way of life, Paul Taylor, Panasonic's European technical manager, air conditioning products, explains how this new lifestyle choice has been streamlined 
 1 Sep 2007

Grease poses fire danger

Unless grease extract systems are cleaned according to the latest HVCA standards, they are likely to be a fire risk. And powers of prosecution can be instigated, writes Richard Norman, managing director of Indepth Hygiene 
 1 Sep 2007

ADCAS to join with HVCA in forum for the future

Britain's ductwork specialists will be gathering in October for a seminar, which could have a significant impact on the future of their industry. 
 1 Sep 2007

Miller's tale

BUILDERS build buildings – we make them work.” This is a favourite expression of the man who has just taken up the presidency of the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association (HVCA). 
 31 Aug 2007

Air: the latest source of sustainable energy

ONE of the country’s largest suppliers of heating and cooling equipment is calling for a radical change to the way we heat and cool our commercial and residential buildings. 
 9 Aug 2007

Editors Comment: Leading the charge - or just following?

Mrs Braithwaite and I own a narrowboat which is berthed at Upton Marina. 
 1 Aug 2007

Health & Safety Matters: Dramatic rise in carbon monoxide deaths

Is the industry doing enough to reduce the danger posed by carbon monoxide, asks Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA 
 1 Aug 2007

Burning Issue: Youth training: fact or fiction?

The training of apprentices seems easy but can pose problems for employers. There is a general lack of knowledge, and confusion abounds. Vance Rowe, managing director of Cyclone Commerce discusses a more effective approach 
 1 Aug 2007

Company Profile: Stronger together and staying apart

It has been a hectic few weeks for Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial business, as they move into the Baxi headquarters and merge their back offices. But, the result will be two much stronger brands. Paul Braithwaite talks to Gavin Watson, business development manager 
 1 Aug 2007

Training Supplement: Enhancing competence

Following her recent appointment as head of education and training at the HVCA, Sarah Wicks, outlines some of the principal items on the sector's skills agenda 
 1 Aug 2007

Training Supplement: Learning to earn from solar

The government's ambitious target to cut 60% of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 means business for installers who are ready to work with micro-generation technologies such as solar thermal hot water. Peter Dayton, (right) technical director for Gas Logic, explains the importance of gaining relevant training 
 1 Aug 2007
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