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Commercial Heating: CRC - Staying a step ahead

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme will change the ways in which large organisations manage energy consumption. Richard Evans sets out the key considerations for hvac contractors and consultants. 
 29 Mar 2011

Commercial Heating: Cheap and cheerful? It's a false economy

There may be a temptation to specify cheap flues, but are you sure they'll do the job and, even if they do, how long will they last? Sami Caglar believes he has the answer. 
 29 Mar 2011

Company Focus: Damage is caused by legislative uncertainty

Delays to crucial legislation that is set to have an enormous impact on the renewables sector is particularly frustrating to Vokèra's Robert Lockhart, as Ian Vallely explains. 
 29 Mar 2011

Contractor Focus: Perfect partnerships offer a workload boost

To survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive market, contractors will have to display versatility and imagination, says Cofely's Brent Hyde-Smith. Ian Vallely reports. 
 29 Mar 2011

Burning Issue: It really does pay to train

In order to deliver the best solutions to its customers, the h&v industry needs to ensure its workforce has the right skills. Apprenticeships are the obvious solution, says Adrian Walker. 
 29 Mar 2011

Ventilation: Build tight, ventilate right

Bespoke ventilation solutions offer real benefits, says Steve Mongan. 
 21 Mar 2011

Ventilation: Designs on a modern ventilation system

Installing sustainable ventilation requires knowledge of the building and of the technological options available, as Cliff Jones explains. 
 18 Mar 2011

Low & Zero Carbon: Innovations in heat pumps widen specification choices

Today's super-efficient heat pumps with inverter control and variable refrigerant flow offer all kinds of new possibilities. John Durbin looks at some of the latest innovations and their applications within the commercial market. 
 11 Feb 2011

Low & Zero Carbon: No more trouble in store on the heating front

Most renewable systems are delivering far less than the running costs and environmental savings they could, according to Alan Ward. The good news is that he has an answer. 
 11 Feb 2011

Low & Zero Carbon: The rocky road to a sustainable future

Energy efficiency and sustainability are intrinsically linked. If we are to fine-tune the energy usage of our buildings effectively, we must give them the attention they need in terms of engineering, especially when considering sustainable heating systems, according to Mark Northcott. 
 11 Feb 2011

Low & Zero Carbon: Integrating low carbon commercial heating

It is crucial to share knowledge and expertise as early as possible when embarking upon low carbon commercial heating projects, says Jeff House 
 11 Feb 2011

Fan Coil Units: Meeting conflicting demands on FCUs

The demands placed on fan coil units in modern commercial and industrial applications can be particularly challenging. Are they up to the job? Ian Thomas has the answer. 
 11 Feb 2011

Fan Coil Units: Design factors to cut emission rates

Hydraulic fan coil units can offer an energy efficient means of providing air conditioning for a range of commercial buildings, says Mike Price 
 11 Feb 2011

Company Focus: Call for calm over the clamour for renewables

Renewable technologies have their place in hvac projects, but the industry shouldn't get too carried away with them, says David Pepper, managing director of Lochinvar. Ian Vallely reports. 
 11 Feb 2011

Contractor Focus: Water hygiene - More than just a question of cleaning

Building environmental services specialist Alan Jordan thinks over-regulation is building up resentment among clients and hiding the real benefits of hygiene services. Ewen Rose reports. 
 11 Feb 2011

Burning Issue: No more Niagara Falls

Returns can be seen within 12 months when water quality challenges are addressed effectively, says Mike Malina 
 11 Feb 2011

Legal Advice: Employment law

When I'm 64... 
 11 Feb 2011

Ant Wilson: How cold can it go?

The recent sub-Zero conditions in the UK got me asking: How cold can it go? The answer is very cold indeed! 
 11 Feb 2011

Ecobuild preview: It's not easy being green, but help is at hand...

Ecobuild is one of the biggest events for sustainable design, construction and the built environment. Here is a preview of the offerings from a selected few exhibitors... 
 10 Feb 2011

Ductwork: Why ductwork design really does matter

Designers really need to pay more attention to access doors to allow ductwork to be cleaned effectively, says Ian Wall. 
 10 Feb 2011
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