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Chillers: Adiabatic cooling comes of age as energy costs soar

Combining an evaporative system with a modern high efficiency DX chiller can dramatically cut building cooling costs. Ken Strong and Roberto Mallozzi highlight the potential of a new approach. 
 14 Jun 2011

Contractor Focus: Kitchen revolution

The evolution of DPL in 20 years from ductwork contractor to specialist kitchen ventilation designer could be a model for the whole sector. 
 14 Jun 2011

Burning Issue: Mind the skills gap

The commercial heating market is changing rapidly, with the emergence of new and ever more sophisticated low energy solutions, but can skills keep up? asks Nick Stevenson 
 14 Jun 2011

Solar Thermal Heating: Optimise to accumulate to unleash solar thermal power

The Renewable Heat Incentive is likely to create a much bigger market for solar thermal systems, and it's important to optimise the design to ensure that all of the potential benefits are realised. 
 6 May 2011

Solar Thermal Heating: Bright solar opportunities

The two trade bodies representing solar energy in the UK are in the process of merging their memberships to form a 400 strong Association to champion the industry. 
 6 May 2011

HVAC in Hospitals: Ensuring health facilities are fit for purpose

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have specific air conditioning and ventilation requirements. 
 6 May 2011

HVAC in Hospitals: Giving PCTs a LIFT

NHS LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) projects are proving to be a practical and highly cost-effective mechanism for upgrading local health facilities. Service providers find they need a flexible and innovative approach to ensure effective service delivery. 
 6 May 2011

HVAC in Hospitals: Ensuring a clean bill of health

As the NHS feels the financial squeeze, it has been reported that many hospitals are reducing their cleaning staff and practices to cut costs. Darren Ling explains the importance of cleaning ventilation ductwork to save money and help save lives. 
 6 May 2011

Contractor Focus: Insights, outlooks and in-depth outputs...

There has been a seismic shift over the last three decades in the way the building services sector conducts its business and Gerry Samuelsson-Brown of research organisation BSRIA has witnessed many of the changes. Ian Vallely discusses her impressive career. 
 6 May 2011

Burning Issue: Libya, wheat and the RHI

What links the current violent turmoil in the Middle East; the soaring cost of food and a relatively low key move by the UK government? The answer is energy and what happens next is crucial to our industry. 
 6 May 2011

Underfloor Heating: Floating points...

OK... it's not a typical hvac application, but Thermoboard, Wavin's underfloor heating division, has proved that underfloor heating can be used in virtually any setting, regardless of design, space or floor type. 
 3 May 2011

Underfloor Heating: Ways to reduce your underfloor overheads

The control solutions chosen for underfloor heating has a big impact on their efficiency, says Laurence Chownsmith. 
 3 May 2011

Air Handling Units: Gain control to turbo-charge AHU efficiency

Air handlers have become specialised products, but there is really only one thing on everybody's mind; energy efficiency. Linden Shuttleworth explains the points to look out for to get the most energy efficient plant. 
 3 May 2011

Solar Thermal Heating: Tight control is the key to high efficiency

Installing a sophisticated control system can prove instrumental in unlocking the potential savings offered by a commercial solar thermal installation, as Stefan Gautsch explains. 
 3 May 2011

Heat Pumps: Clearing up confusion over eco incentives

As the heat pump industry tries to understand the full implications of the Renewable Heat Incentive announcement from the Government, particularly relating to air source heat pumps, John Kellett looks at lessons that can be learnt from both this and from other studies. 
 10 Apr 2011

Heat Pumps: Pump up the volume...

Heat pumps involve a different approach to system design compared with other heating systems, says Stephen Andrews. 
 10 Apr 2011

Heat Pumps: Why heating and ac are set to converge

Both heating and air conditioning installers can expect to benefit from the opportunities thrown up by convergence of the two sectors in heat pumps, according to Garry Broadbent. 
 10 Apr 2011

Company Focus: Keys to unlocking the true design intent of a building

The more knowledge the consultant has of the operational performance of the building he or she is designing, the more likely a successful outcome, says Dr Alan Jones. Ian Vallely reports. 
 10 Apr 2011

Contractor Focus: The middle man who brings it all together

It is no longer enough for distributors simply to supply products. The aim today is to solve customers' problems - which can mean a total design and technical support solution for the contractor. Pipe Center's Roger Hoskins is pioneering a new approach. 
 10 Apr 2011

Burning Issue: Moisture content critical to biomass efficiency

The BS EN 14961 standard has big implications for natural wood biomass fuel suppliers and end users as well as to biomass installers, says Michael Barber-Starkey. 
 10 Apr 2011
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