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Free energy checks for all homeowners

Homeowners can now ask for a free energy inspection on their boiler to help them cut fuel bills.
From October 2, homeowners can take advantage of plans drawn up by the department for Communities and Local Government which gives them a free boiler and heating check in time for winter.

A free A-G energy rating will be given for boilers with advice on how to cut fuel bills when the engineer visits.

Heating and hot water bills are the biggest energy costs households face each month, yet many people are unaware the average boiler is 'E' rated and could produce over 50 per cent more heat.

The energy assessment includes a checklist of efficiency improvements.

Longer term measures such as changing from a low G rated boiler to an A rated one could save over £200 a year and cut up to 2.7 tonnes of carbon off a household's carbon footprint.

According to the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council there are still around 4m old, very inefficient boilers in use in homes, most of which will still be operating in 2010. Replacing these would save two and half a million tonnes of C02 each year by 2010.

Advice from engineers could include recommendations to buy insulating pipes or install heating controls to save energy and cut costs.

Roger Webb, Director, Heating and Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC) said:'This new scheme will be a useful tool in highlighting to householders the importance of replacing their boiler with the most efficient models.

'Consumer safety would also be improved if householders were encouraged to replace their boiler as most incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning are caused by old, poorly maintained appliances'.
3 October 2007


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