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Energy-efficient tips when heating your home in 2024

If you’re keen to reduce your energy bills, there are some things you can do to heat your home more efficiently.

In recent years, energy prices have risen significantly, causing households across the UK to feel the pinch. To get on top of your bills, it makes sense to adapt your home ahead of winter 2024 so that you’re prepared for harsher weather conditions and temperature drops. Having an energy-efficient home also means that there is less impact on the environment, which is another pressing issue.

Here’s what you need to know.

High efficiency

Sometimes, you may need to make an investment that will help you improve efficiency and reduce costs in the long run. You could look into heat pumps, which use more sustainable sources of energy and can help to improve air quality by creating less greenhouse gases. Or you could invest in an energy-efficient electric boiler, which is a popular alternative.

Some homes have boilers that haven’t been replaced for well over a decade. Taking the plunge and replacing an old, inefficient boiler could make more of a difference than you might expect. Newer boilers are generally more efficient, so it makes sense to tap into the latest technology.

Optimised heating controls

On top of having an efficient boiler, you should use thermostats and controls that work well for your heating system. Smart thermostats give you greater flexibility and control over your heating.

You can set schedules and trigger controls remotely from your smartphone. This way you can not only navigate your heating system with ease, but you can also reduce waste. You just need to ensure that you have an internet connection, as being online is a big part of smart thermostats.

Enhanced insulation

It’s all very well having the best heating system and controls; however, you need to get a handle on insulation to retain the heat in your home.

The good news is that you can do this with a few simple changes, such as insulating your pipework, using draught excluders or upgrading your curtains. Simply identify the problem areas in your home by looking out for draughts – these are easier to spot when the weather outside is poor. The air might come into the home, causing doors, curtains or windows to move when there is wind outside.

It's also worth considering larger investments such as double glazing and roof insulation if your property is particularly old.

Zone heating

Zone heating can work well as a ‘quick win’ approach to heating. You can use smart zone heating technology or you can simply go manual. Simply determine which rooms in your home need heating at any particular time and make the necessary changes.

Some people may opt for underfloor heating in their most-used rooms, while others might simply turn on the radiators in select rooms and keep doors closed to trap the heat in.

18 April 2024


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