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Ecotube solar panel from STOKVIS

Added: 27 January 2011

Key to this success is the 'ECOTUBE' solar panel. Unlike its contemporaries, its energy efficiency is far in advance of the 528 kWh (kilowatt hours) per square meter quoted as an industry standard; the Ecotube achieves an extra 61%.

The Solar panel is an advanced form of evacuated tube solar collector, designed to maximize the solar energy absorbed, and minimise heat loss through radiation.The system requires smaller pumps to circulate the fluid in the collector which means that there are fewer drops in pressure, giving a more sustained level of heat, even on frosty days in winter.

The fluid absorbs heat from the Ecotube array, is pumped to a heat exchanger, and then passes into the water; the cooled fluid is then pumped back to the solar panel. For more information on how we can cover your heating or HWS (read one take as hot water supply and one as HWS) needs efficiently, visit

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