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Does any one care about the environment?

The government response is to send Gordon Brown to Saudi Arabia and ask our friends to pump more oil.

I also heard Hazel Blears the minister for the environment advising us that we maybe shouldn’t be using bio fuels any more either as they use up land needed to produce food.

The government have decided we should reduce our co2 emissions and have set themselves some difficult to achieve targets but no one asked whether any of us really care.

Surely if we were ethical and cared about the environment we would all be reducing our dependence on fossil fuel voluntarily? We would not seek out alternatives which leave the poor of the world starving as their land is used to produce bio ethanol and we would baulk at the idea of destroying huge swathes of other people’s rain forest to grow palm oil, but we don’t.

I don’t think you or any one else actually cares about the environment. Think about it fuel costs are soaring and the planet is clearly in trouble so what have you done?

Do you use your car less now than you did last year?

Is your television and DVD player unplugged to reduce energy use at home?

Did you take public transport to work today?

Did you switch of your PC monitor when you went home last night?

Just like everyone else I am willing to bet the answer to all these questions is no, we all want low fuel prices, no global warming etc but we want someone else to solve the problems.

My guess is even if fuel prices double we will keep driving and keep the heating set to 22 degrees, but at dinner parties as we open the third bottle of wine shipped from the other side of the planet we will tell our friends we are really concerned.
Posted by Graham Hendra 14 July 2008 15:49:56 Categories: Graham's Gossip


By Anonymous
14 July 2008 15:51:56

Yes to all, except the TV and DVD -the plug's behind the shelving unit they are on to child-proof it (which also means its adult-proof unless you want to shift furniture...)

But we do switch them off, not just to standby.

It would help if the estimates of carbon savings would calculate on the basis of what could be saved if an achievable level of the population (say 10% of us) did these things, rather than saying "if everyone did", which we all know is ridiculous.
By John Reade
14 July 2008 15:50:56
I think you may have a point here Graham.

It's a sad fact but people don't care as much as they say they do.

I would like to do my bit to save the world, but even that is only a bit of my bit which could be contributed.

Love the blogs. Cheers
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