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Cutting costs for charity

Combimate, a limescale and soft water corrosion reduction system, has recently been selected to provide a layer of plumbing and water supply protection for the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People's plumbing system.
Combimate was specified due to its low maintenance and ability to reduce energy bills in the long term at the Buckinghamshire site, which totally relies on donations.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a centre of excellence which trains hearing dogs to alert deaf people to everyday household and danger signals, transforming the lives of their deaf recipients.

The charity selected Cistermiser's Combimate system having suffered from the effects of limescale. With hard water affecting the pipe work, the system offered the centre a solution to the problem through reduced appliance maintenance by ensuring minimal build-up of limescale and therefore acts as a protection for the future energy bills.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People are now simply responsible for ensuring the Combiphos within the Combimate is replaced annually using replacement packs.

Combimate is filled with Combiphos, a food-grade, World Health Organisation approved polyphosphate compound. When in contact with water, the entirely tasteless and odourless compound that is suitable for human consumption, is released in very small quantities to coat the inside of the pipework, boiler heat exchanger and appliances.

The non-residual, microscopic, protective coating prevents scale-causing minerals from accumulating and aggressive soft water from corroding the system and appliances.

Simple to install, there are two pipe fitment options.

Installers can select from 15mm or 22mm, depending on the size of the existing plumbing system to be protected.

In addition, Cistermiser provides both technical advice and step-by-step video guidance on the installation of the device to ensure accurate and hassle-free fitting.

Charlotte Peters, media and campaigns manager for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People says: 'as a national registered charity, we rely solely on donations and the generosity of our supporters, so installing a system that could reduce maintenance and energy costs was of extreme importance to us.

With simple annual checks on the system to keep it running efficiently, we can rest knowing that Combimate will serve the centre well and keep necessary costs to a minimum.'
14 August 2013


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