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Combine but also separate the old from the new for an efficient heating system

To help support the installation of its new Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler onto existing heating systems, Hamworthy Heating has announced its latest range of Plate Heat Exchangers, for increased boiler protection and performance.

Energy-efficient boilers are now the industry standard, but this can be an issue when integrating a new condensing boiler into an existing system and pipework. Challenges to consider are potential un-controlled leaks from existing systems causing raw oxygenated water to be constantly added to the system. This further adds to the corrosion of the system and boilers creating problems from blocking heat exchangers with suspended solids and corrosion problems from system metals. To bridge the gap between old and new systems the Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler is now available with a range of easy-to-install AHRI certified® plate heat exchangers to protect the new boilers from old systems.

Plate heat exchangers separate the boiler from a secondary circuit (existing system). This prevents the risk of debris from entering the boiler which could result in expensive maintenance intervals or even operational failure. Furthermore, as limescale and system debris can block heat exchanger waterways by utilising a plate exchanger, overall system efficiency is optimised and the investment of the new boiler is protected.

a brazed design with no need for gaskets or supporting equipment, the latest range of plate heat exchangers from Hamworthy Heating offers a compact solution to maximise valuable plant room space and keep the boilers operating at maximum efficiency helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint whilst protecting your investment.

Featuring a large surface area with thin plates to provide efficient heat transfer, the latest plate heat exchangers from Hamworthy also help to reduce energy consumption, which in turn, can help to lower energy costs.

The Stratton mk3 boiler features a 5:1 turndown ratio, pre-mix burner technology for clean operation with ErP Class 6 MOx emissions, and up to 97% gross seasonal efficiency. Offering exceptional system tolerance, the Stratton mk3 is backed by a five-year heat exchanger warranty.

Available in seven different outputs from 40 to 150kW, the Stratton mk3, which is available with a range of easy-to-install AHRI certified® plate heat exchangers, can be cascaded to meet building demands or larger installations more effectively. In these applications, plate heat exchangers can also be used as a pressure break, where heating, water service, or chilled water is being pumped up multiple storey heights or in the case of older tank fed systems allows for the hydraulic separation of new to old.

For more information on the Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler and range of AHRI certified® plate heat exchangers, please visit: or call 01202 662 552.

16 November 2023


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