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Capita launches Gas Safe Register brand

'Gas Safe Register' is the new brand name for Capita's gas registration scheme unveiled for Britain.
Capita launches Gas Safe Register brand
Capita's Gas Safety Register scheme replaces CORGI's registration scheme from April 1, 2009, and installers will need to be registered on the scheme to operate legally.

Installers can visit the scheme's new website launched today, and from January 19 CORGI registered businesses can get their registration renewed online.

Registration will come with a three month probationary period for newly qualified engineers and those returning to gas work after an extended break.

Capita has announced lower registration renewal fees for installers :- £175 plus VAT for registration by post £153 plus VAT for registration online.

Under the CORGI scheme, which ends on March 31, 2009, installers were charged £179.

The Gas Safe Register will provide a service for notifying work under Building Regulations but it will not be compulsory. Fees will be £3 to notify by telephone and £2 online.

Capita says these fees will reduce further over time as its costs go down.

The new Gas Safe Register brand is owned by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), but is on loan to Capita for the duration of its contract with the HSE.

Face-to-face interviews with installers, discussions with 1,000 consumers and consultation with other strakeholders led to the brand's development and final sign off last week. The total cost of the HSE's rebranding exercise was not disclosed.

Capita is currently in discussions with energy companies to get the 'Gas Safe Register' logo on customers' utility bills.

Installers will be able to get hold off free vehicle logo stickers in the first issue of the scheme's new monthly magazine 'Registered Gas Engineer'. The magazine comes with technical pullout pages and its first issue is due out on by April 2009.

On December 12, CORGI-registered gas installers will be mailed details about the 'Gas Safe Register' brand and on December 15, installers can record their interest in renewing registration.

Ann Robinson, director of public awareness at Gas Safe Register said 'This is not like Marathon changing to Snickers, because ours is a campaigning brand. Our aim is to support registered engineers throughout the changeover and beyond. We will make sure your customers know CORGI gas registration is gone and Gas Safe Register is the official stamp for gas safety'.

She added: 'Our over-arching message is always use a Gas Safe Register engineer, check their ID everytime and do not give rogue traders a chance'.

In an effort to raise the public's recognition of the new Gas Safe Register scheme, one of Capita's KPI goals set by the HSE requires Capita to acheive an unprompted public awareness percentage rate of 40% by October 2009.

120 existing CORGI inspectors are being transferred to work for Capita's new registration scheme.

Peter Eldridge, managing director of Gas Safe Register said 'Gas Safe Register must quickly replace CORGI in the minds of gas consumers. It's a big mountain to climb, but we're confident the new brand takes us halfway there.'
9 December 2008


By P Heritage
09 December 2008 00:26:00
I find it impossible to understand where a fee of 201.25 for registration and 218.50 for a probation period arrive from. I have worked in the trade for over twenty five years and now lecture in gas safety.

I have been forced to pay 218.50 because I never registered in the first 3 months. The cost to carry out some sevice work for some very old customers of mine as cost 419.75 before lifting a spanner. All to be put on to a data base and a technical department which I will never use.

And this is before public liability, do they realise there's a recession people do not want be spending their money on boiler or fire servicing how can that be gas safe?
By Denis Lunney
09 December 2008 00:25:00
The industry is crazy we are the only trade that has to re-train every 5 years.

I have been in Corgi since 1976 and the new rules are a total farce. My City of Guilds lasts a life time as does my CIBSE qualification. If the new scheme is not money-making then I don't know what is.
By hot air
09 December 2008 00:24:00

I have been collecting information together regarding the gas safe register and I am finding it hard to find out why they switched from CORGI to the gas safe register does anyone have any conclusive answers?
By Nigel Brennan
09 December 2008 00:23:00

As a reasonably intelligent consumer who keeps abreast of television, radio and newspaper news

I was mystified by the Gas Safe logo on a van yesterday, May 18th, 2009.

Out of curiosity I looked this up on the internet only to find that a well-known and recognised 'brand name' has been dispensed with.

I fear that there will be unscrupulous people preying on elderly consumers by continuing to press the CORGI name for if I was totally unaware that CORGI was no more what chance for the elderly?

Having had previous experience of Capita I feel therein lies much of the problem of lack of communication with the public at large.
By Matt
09 December 2008 00:22:00

The new system in simpler and cheaper. Give the public some credit. They're not going to get confused by a brand change.
By I.P.Creed
09 December 2008 00:21:00

The whole gas safe register is a joke! All the ******* we have had from capita about advertising is untrue how many times have you seen the ads which we were told would be run.

What's the bet these comments are not found suitable?

Try registering work online you can't because the website is still under construction how long have they known that they would require a website?

How can these points improve gas safety......they can't!

It's about raising more money by a goverment that is in total disarray not improving gas safety.
By I.P.Creed
09 December 2008 00:20:00
The whole gas safe register is a joke! How many times have you seen the ads which we were told would be run extensively. How can this point improve gas safety?
By Robert percival
09 December 2008 00:19:00
Where and how can i get the new Gas Safe van stickers?
By Carl Gleeson
09 December 2008 00:18:00

People especially the elderly cannot comprehend the changeover, if you're not corgi registered they consider you not qualified even if you belong to a gas safe register.

It should have stayed Corgi, a change in name is pointless and very expensive.
By Syd Wild
09 December 2008 00:17:00
Gas Safe public awareness campaign? On April 7 and I had yet to see any publicity whatsoever as promised about Gas Safe. The public are totally ignorant of the change from Corgi. How can this be safe?
By warren caie
09 December 2008 00:16:00
Why was Capita allowed to launch the 'Gas safe register' brand on April 1st with no prior notice to the public? Nobody I know outside of the trade has ever heard of the new scheme, so why have the promotional work starting at the end of April? Surely, if we are supposed to show id cards to customers, they should know what they're looking at before we arrive on their doorstep?
By G Chant
09 December 2008 00:15:00
There's going to be no extra cost to installers (joke!) Vans have to have logos removed and replaced, letterheads, business cards all other paperwork are to be dumped and replaced all free?? Replaced free by Capita? No! Man rang and said "Are you Corgi registered". We said no and he hung up!!!
By Les Allen
09 December 2008 00:14:00
Complete and utter shambles. Not all qualifications on cards and website. Told to carry original certificates. It's costing a small fortune for new stationary and van logos. Why should we have this extra expense. Everyone knows who Corgi is. But gas safe ?
By o german
09 December 2008 00:13:00
Why does our full address have to be in the public view?

Could it not be just be the area plus phone number? This gives us the option to hand it to our client if we want to, should they request it.
By Arvind Vekaria
09 December 2008 00:12:00
It took years and years to pass gas safe massage to the public and rogue traders.

The hard work is already been done by Corgi. It remains to be seen how quickly the Gas Safe awareness massage is passed to users as well as unregistered traders that gas and appliances are not a game for a laugh at the risk of lives!
By peter summers
09 December 2008 00:11:00
Why did I first here about this on the Watchdog programme and not from a proper advertising effort?

The implementation timescale is to short for the public and will cause a lot of confusion.
By Allen Byard
09 December 2008 00:10:00
Still no public awareness that CORGI will end.
By chris
09 December 2008 00:09:00
Why do the public still have absolutely no idea about the gas safe register. It's a bit of a joke.
By Chris Higgins
09 December 2008 00:08:00
Who designed the new logo, a three year old?

I think it looks cheap and tacky and doesn't promote our professionalism of that of our fellow members.
By lawson
09 December 2008 00:07:00
I hope that the new guardians of gas safety are going to do a lot more to stop illegal gas work.

I am starting to get really annoyed with coming across jobs which have definately been done by unregistered/unqualified chancers.

Although some of the installations work, nobody seems to care unless there is an explosion or death.

All they get is told off and ask nicely to do the relevant courses. Oh i do look forward to paying loads of money every year to price against the great unregistered!
By Matt
09 December 2008 00:06:00
Bravo HSE and thank you. You have consulted the industry and taken the action that we asked for.

For those who are not convinced: The CORGI contract was for a fixed duration so that if they didn't perform and meet key performance indicators then they could be replaced with someone who could.

This could end up with the registration company/name/branding etc changing every 10 years or so - even more confusing.

So HSE has, sensibly, decided to have the Gas Safe Register whose name will not change. However, whoever runs the register (in the background) - currently Capita - will be monitored for their performance. If they don't perform, a new contractor will be isntalled but the name Gas Safe Register will remain.

My understanding is that the cost to (most) companies should decrease.
By terry crilly
09 December 2008 00:05:00

From what I have heard and read it seems gas safe could be just what we need. Maybe we will get better support from the new company.
By Bruce Howard
09 December 2008 00:04:00
Why are we changing this well- established safety symbol? Seems like a change just to confuse the public.
By k baker
09 December 2008 00:03:00

Capita have grabbed the gas but are doing nothing for CPS schemes. Corgi are doing CPS but can't do gas!

So we are now forced to register with both.
Every installer should complain loudly to their MP!
By City Gas Services
09 December 2008 00:02:00
I think this new scheme is great.

I just checked it out. It will completely solve the problem of rogue traders working under the guise of CORGI.

Our company is going to take this on with arms wide open and make sure our clients know the new scheme improves standards and quality.
By michael kirby
09 December 2008 00:01:00

why has it been decided to make it even more complicated for the public. Corgi is recognised by most people. Is the cost for companies going to increase?
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