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BAPI's Blü-Test wireless test instruments an all-in-one solution

BAPI’s Blü-Test is a suite of handheld testing probes that interface via Bluetooth LE to the user’s enabled Android or iOS smart device through the Blü-Test app available on Google Play or the App Store.

BAPI’s Blü-Test is a suite of handheld testing probes

The all-In-one test instrument delivers:

• Accurate calibrated test measurements

• On-board data logging

• Wireless communication

Each Blü-Test probe takes readings and stores the data in its internal memory. You can then download the data to your smart device through the app. The data points can be logged, graphed or emailed. All measurements are also shown on the handheld probes local OLED display for convenience.

These are wireless test instruments for temperature, relative humidity, and differential pressure with traceable certificates of calibration. Data logging with wireless smart device communication.

Each probe comes with a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable certificate of calibration. A standard for accuracy.

Save time and money! With BAPI’s Water Leak Detector.

It is imperative to have safe, fast and accurate leak detection solutions ensuring your assets are protected at all times!

BAPI has three models of water leak sensor:

• Rope model provides up to 30m of continuous detection along the complete rope length.

• Remote probe model provides up to 7.5m of waterproof cable attached to a remote spot sensor.

• Remote Spot model for contained areas (e.g. drip tray) water rises the alarm will trigger.

All models can communicate with the building management system within seconds.

It is designed as a plug and play device, ensuring it does not require any costly onsite setup and programming. It is also designed to sense the presence of water and alert a building management system of the potentially harmful or damaging situation.

1 March 2021


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If you need to open a Solenoid Valve manually, you need a SVOM!
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