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- April 2013

How training can help to support the market 17 April 2013
Effective and accessible training for both contractors and clients is, and will remain, essential to good business practice, according to Marc Diaz

Commercial opportunities boost heat pump sector 17 April 2013
Heat pumps bring significant benefits to the commercial buildings sector, says Mike Nankivell

Top system performance needs a holistic approach 17 April 2013
A new British Standard and BSRIA recommendations on water quality management emphasise the value of a long-term strategy to water treatment, says Martin Wilkinson

Winning in the hot water generation game 17 April 2013
The objectives of new water heating regulations are clear. The use of non-condensing water heating equipment is expected to be eliminated from 2015, says Jeff House

It pays to test the waters 17 April 2013
Analysing and validating water quality in commercial heating systems is crucial to ensuring their performance and efficiency and Sentinel Commercial says its new service, System Check, is doing this easily and cost-effectively. A testing and reporting service delivered via post and email, System Check enables installers, contractors and system operators to carry out water analysis directly, saving significant time and money.

It makes sense to separate to accumulate 17 April 2013
What are the true benefits of separating heating and hot water systems, and how does the use of direct or indirect fired units compare? Kevin Potter has the answers

A textbook case of using zoned AHUs 17 April 2013
Maintaining good indoor air quality in classrooms without wasting energy can be a major challenge. Lars Fabricius explains why zone-specific, decentralised air handling units with heat recovery offer a useful way forward

Pre-packaged biomass cuts costs and time 17 April 2013
Wood biomass could save thousands on heating bills, but a replacement may mean downtime. Euroheat has a solution - wood heating supplied ready-to-fit in a prefabricated box

A first-class solution to school heating needs 17 April 2013
The Government's Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP), brings opportunities for HVAC contractors. However, they also face boiler replacement challenges, says Eleanor Fox

UFH - leaner and greener 17 April 2013
Underfloor heating can help provide the Priority School Building Programme with much needed certainty over long-term energy and cost saving, according to Mike Lamb

Top form ventilation 17 April 2013
On-demand ventilation, coupled with high efficiency energy recovery successfully manages air quality as well as reducing a school's carbon footprint and energy costs, says David Cook

Why wood is good 17 April 2013
With biomass proving an increasingly popular choice for educational establishments, Mark Northcott shares one forward-thinking Council's route to low carbon heating

Winds of change blowing through ventilation sector 17 April 2013
While the year may still be relatively young, Steve Mongan is looking ahead to the future and how regulations planned for 2018 are already shaping the ventilation industry

Is it time to go with the mixed flow? 17 April 2013
Selecting the most appropriate fan for a project requires a number of factors to be taken into account. Mixed flow in-line fans are a case in point, says Alasdair Howie

Ecodesign requirement for fans - is it working? 17 April 2013
Is the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive actually achieving what it was set up to do? Geoff Lockwood has an answer

It pays to maintain a healthy balance 17 April 2013
Indoor air quality has risen up the environmental agenda as buildings have become more airtight. Alan Macklin examines the implications

How you can maximise heat pump performance 17 April 2013
Most sustainability strategies include the use of low carbon energy sources, so it's important to ensure they deliver maximum benefits. Graham Rodd considers some of the key factors that affect heat pump performance

Why it makes sense to back heat pump provision 16 April 2013
The best return for the Government's investment has to be financial support for the encouragement of heat pumps of all types, plus insulation, says Julian Brunnock

Scottish B&ES chairman seeks perfect answers 16 April 2013
Ventilation is finally coming out of the shadows, says B&ES Scotland chairman Duncan Sibbald

The real price of success 16 April 2013
The HVAC sector is becoming increasingly price-driven and this has implications for the way businesses are run, according to Nuaire's Andy Mudie. Ian Vallely reports

Gas absorption benefits drive the technology forward 16 April 2013
The stature of gas absorption technology is continuing to grow in the UK as a highly efficient, renewable heating solution for commercial and industrial applications. Stefan Gautsch offers a reminder of how the technology operates and why its popularity is on the rise