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- December 2013

Maintenance is vital in burner efficiency 01 December 2013
Failure to keep burners, used to produce heat in commercial buildings well maintained could lead to a potentially explosive situation according to Rick Crees

Late payment threatens Northern Ireland recovery 01 December 2013
Northern Ireland's building services engineering sector has suffered more than any other UK region during the recession. This is largely because the public sector is responsible for 70 per cent of its construction activity and, as a result of the 2008 financial crisis and attempts to manage the government deficit, workloads plummeted.

Systems based strategy beats de-industrialisation 01 December 2013
Offering sub-systems or solutions as opposed to singular products or components is the route to success in tackling the trend towards de industrialisation in the UK, according to David Jarvis, managing director of UK subsidiary of fan and motor specialist ebm-papst

Ceiling casettes a key decision in system design 01 December 2013
The choice of air conditioning ceiling cassette is an important part of the energy efficiency equation but need not come at the expense of interior design, says Martin Passingham

The quest for ever-higher climate control efficiency 01 December 2013
The development of ever more sophisticated controls will enable air conditioning and indoor climate control to achieve ever higher efficiencies through total building management. Nick Ryman believes it is the shape of things to come

Spotlight on technology and legal updates at ACR show 01 December 2013
Seminars on the latest ground-breaking cooling technologies, and vital changes in the law affecting the industry, are among the hot topics to be covered in the ACR Show seminars, the programme for which has now been published

Modern air conditioning for DofE London offices 01 December 2013
At a time when over one million young people are out of employment or training, the transformation of Duke of Edinburgh Award's London office space will allow for a greater number of DofE team members and better volunteer training facilities

Going forward with DCV 01 December 2013
Kurt Truniger explains the disadvantages of duct pressure control in variable-volume ventilation systems and shows how they can be replaced with forward-looking, demand controlled systems that comply with EN 15232, Class A requiring highly energy-efficient building automation and technical building management

A step change in kitchen fans 01 December 2013
For professional kitchens energy efficient ventilation is essential to both maintain good indoor air quality and comfort for staff as well as keeping fuel costs down. However, David Cook of Vent Axia says changes to Building Regulations are set to affect fan specification in kitchens

Renewable technology is the focus of the future 01 December 2013
When specifying heating and hot water systems for new or existing commercial buildings, renewable or low carbon solutions should be considered. Sean Green discusses the market

District heating and the benefits of biomass 01 December 2013
District heating offers a great solution to sites where multiple buildings need heat; from factories and industrial estates, to whole villages. When it comes to biomass, further benefits can be realised thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Simon Holden, looks at the pros and options for wood-based district heating

Smart tariffs are key to renewable heat schemes 01 December 2013
Heat from a diverse range of sources can be utilised within a heat network, but the inclusion of low carbon and renewable technologies is being widely encouraged by the Government to help meet carbon reduction commitments. However Yan Evans warns that careful planning is needed at design stage to ensure tariffs that consider the true cost of low carbon and renewable technologies are set

Low carbon heating and energy for zoo attraction 01 December 2013
A heat pump is at the heart of 'animazing' new low carbon £300,000 visitor attraction at Banham Zoo, providing a year-round subtropical environment and home for exotic species

Abuse of CE Mark by flue system counterfeiters 01 December 2013
The introduction of the CE Mark in July was supposed to create a Europe-wide level playing field in the standard of flue systems, but according to John Hamnett there has been a rise in the number of dangerous, sub-standard counterfeit flue systems that are being passed off as genuine CE-marked systems