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- October 2013

'Heat pumps improving' 01 October 2013
An in-depth Energy Saving Trust study shows heat pump performance has got better

Mind the energy gap 01 October 2013
The need to bridge the energy performance gap between predictions of building energy use at the design stage and the measured results once the buildings are operational is a hot topic right now in the building services industry, says Mark Northcott

Industry should welcome tighter refrigerant rules 01 October 2013
The industry will have to deal with some major regulatory changes over the coming months, but Tony Williams believes they will have a positive impact on professionalism and system performance

Pump up the volume 01 October 2013
Pump manufacturers are being forced to adapt to remain competitive in today's ever changing marketplace. HVR speaks to Duncan Lewis, managing director at Xylem Water Solutions UK, about how the company's new single source approach should help it to tackle the threats and opportunities facing the industry

Cold comfort - the advantages of chillers 01 October 2013
When specifying air conditioning equipment for a large commercial project, should you opt for chillers or one of their alternatives? Each system has its merits, but chillers certainly have significant strengths, as James Henley explains

Ventilation market is poised for global lift-off 01 October 2013
The next two years will see double-digit growth in international air distribution; fire safety and natural ventilation markets, according to one of the world's leading global manufacturers

Improving HVAC efficiency through performance louvres 01 October 2013
A wide range of factors need to be considered when specifying a louvre system to ensure improved air flow to HVAC systems while providing protection against rain ingress, says Simon Hunter

Green solutions in the carbon steel pipeline 01 October 2013
Carbon steel pipework has a number of benefits over its traditional mild steel counterpart, not least in terms of its eco-credentials. Simon Spridgeon looks at the advantages to be gained from choosing this material when specifying pipework

Plastic pipes show their sustainability credentials 01 October 2013
Sustainability has become an imperative consideration in the design and construction of new-build and refurbishment projects across all sectors, says Des Dolan

Planning for savings 01 October 2013
Clients often require validation of any investment they have made to improve energy efficiency. Geoff Newman highlights the key issues for building services engineers to be aware of

Beating energy price hikes 01 October 2013
Heat pumps can help businesses cut their heating costs. Cliff Arnold explains how

Which heat pump is best for your building? 01 October 2013
With rising energy costs and increasingly ambitious environmental goals, heat pumps have been gaining recognition as an efficient heating and cooling solution for a wide range of commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, says Richard James