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- June 2012

Making the most of the Green Deal 19 June 2012
The new DECC framework is set to open up Green Deal opportunities for contractors and installers, according to David Dunn

World ac market rises 19 June 2012
Research organisation BSRIA has released the latest global figures for air conditioning

Creative ways to cope with AC's big issues 19 June 2012
Air conditioning manufacturers are upping their game when it comes to creating new designs and technologies to cut the environmental impact of their products, says Glyn Jones

Carbon: The most deadly of all greenhouse gases? 18 June 2012
Why is Whitehall obsessed by carbon when formulating its green policies? Mark Northcott argues that other greenhouse gases also need to be taken into account

Are you gearing up for the Green Deal? 18 June 2012
Will the forthcoming Green Deal prove to be big business for the m&e sector? Andrew Brister hears from a sceptical industry that remains to be convinced

Time for a truce between sustainability and price 18 June 2012
For Warwick Taylor of HVAC supplier S&P Coils, it is critical for business success as well as for the future of our planet that we abandon the mantra 'price is king'. Ian Vallely reports

Radical thoughts on the application of radiators 18 June 2012
Radiators have evolved significantly over the past couple of decades, making them very much the heat emitter of the future, according to Chris Edwards.

Why ice-enhanced cooling is a cost-efficient solution 18 June 2012
Energy accounts for a third to two-thirds of the operating expense for a typical commercial building, but there are ways to cut this cost significantly, as Richard James explains

Packing the right performance 18 June 2012
Selecting the most appropriate packaged chiller for a project isn't as straightforward as it used to be as the number of specification parameters has grown. Dean Ward explains

Hire education - the best way to cool the overload 18 June 2012
Chiller hire is a cost effective solution for contractors and their clients, according to Stephen Busette

A quick cure for the flue... 18 June 2012
There is a way to cut CO2 and NOx gases by modifying the flue, as Andrew Brown explains

Corrosion resistance testing 18 June 2012
Metal chimneys are subject to corrosion caused by flue gas condensates, and this needs testing says Arnold Teekaram

Why cheap imports are a false economy 18 June 2012
While the UK market is open and everybody is welcome, a critical concern must be that products should CE certified, says Sami Caglar. And, he adds, we also face other challenges from imports