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- May 2012

Shedding new light 28 May 2012
Jeff House considers the different types of solar collector currently on the market

Bright future in store for sun-powered installations 28 May 2012
While the Feed-in Tariff has been grabbing all the headlines, the Government has quietly launched a similar cash-back scheme for solar heating in commercial applications, but where are the best opportunities? Stuart Elmes has some answers

Hybrid UFH systems can tick the right heat boxes 28 May 2012
Underfloor heating - whether wet or electric - is well placed to be part of a holistic design solution because it is economical, efficient and comfortable, says Steven Rooney

UFH offers convenience, comfort and good IAQ 28 May 2012
Until recently, wall hung radiators and central heating were the standard systems for heating in residential applications. However, underfloor heating is stealing a march on competitor products to become a popular choice among those occupying residential properties such as sheltered accommodation and care homes, according to Neil Young

UFH and heat pumps an effective double act 28 May 2012
Underfloor heating is a perfect partner for air-to-water heat pumps, according to Andrew Crown. Here, he looks at the principles of best practice during installation

DECC launches £35m fund to help SMEs devise low carbon ideas 25 May 2012
Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey has announced details of support to help SMEs to devise the low carbon ideas of the future.

Better safe than sorry 25 May 2012
Bob Towse offers advice on complying with the COSHH Regulations and looks at how business can benefit from the use of a COSHH management system

It's time to end the UK's metering madness 25 May 2012
The UK's approach to metering is farcical and needs to change, says Trevor S. Palmer

BIM's the word... 25 May 2012
Are you geared up for Building Information Modelling? Do you even know what it is? Andrew Brister looks at how BIM works and explains why you need to get involved

Education will play key role in calming economic storm 25 May 2012
The global financial meltdown of 2008 dealt a huge blow to the confidence of the HVAC sector and continues to threaten the survival of many businesses, warns Ziehl Abegg UK managing director Les Fish. Ian Vallely reports

No let-up over accident reporting procedures 25 May 2012
Employers have welcomed the decision to ease some of the administration burden associated with the reporting of workplace accidents. However, leading health and safety experts warn that changes to the RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences) rules, announced in April, should not be seen as a relaxation of efforts to improve the industry's safety record.

ILEVE: a new CIBSE division 25 May 2012
Exhaust Ventilation Engineers) has been established as the fourth Division within CIBSE to represent those involved in this specialist area. It currently has over 120 registered members which it hopes to increase to 250. The Institute was formed to bring about a significant reduction in the deaths and ill health caused by poor air quality in the workplace.

Opt for perfect partnerships 25 May 2012
Co-operation between air handling manufacturers, contractors and consultants has the potential to reduce costs and wastage as well as delivering a better solution for end users, says Joe Wieckowski

X marks the spot as TROX aims to be one-stop shop 25 May 2012
A commitment to energy efficiency across the entire HVAC system is important to TROX, and that is why the company has decided to launch a range of freely configurable air handling units

Future proofing air handling plant makes perfect sense 25 May 2012
There is much that can be done to ensure you are designing and installing the most energy efficient air handling system available, says Craig MacFadyen

Ventilation in the balance 25 May 2012
The need to balance indoor air quality with energy consumption provides a strong case for using quiet, decentralised air handling units as an alternative to traditional ductwork systems. Lars Fabricius explains

Gearing up for the ErP 25 May 2012
When the ErP Directive is applied to fans next year it could have serious implications for anyone manufacturing, specifying or installing products that incorporate fans, says Soler & Palau

Take a holistic approach to help treat HVAC issues 25 May 2012
When looking at climate control requirements for a hospital or healthcare facility, it's vital to examine the whole building's heating and cooling needs in order to create a highly energy efficient solution. Martin Hayward looks at the pros and cons of chillers and the key points to be considered when designing and specifying systems for the healthcare environment

The power of plastics 25 May 2012
A reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential in hospitals and plastic pipework can help boost dependability of fuel supplied to the UPS generator, says David Naylor

Condensing boilers - a healthy option for the NHS 25 May 2012
The UK will spend over £33 billion on heat in 2012. Yet many of our hospitals are still struggling on with wasteful, inefficient heating systems at a time when fuel prices are continuing to rise. High efficiency boilers are the affordable solution to reducing both energy use and fuel bills, says Mark Northcott

Cure for surgery IAQ problem 25 May 2012
The doctors at St John's Villa surgery in London needed a new heating and cooling system for their refurbished practice. They wanted to create the perfect indoor climate where they could treat patients in a comfortable and draught-free environment.

Henderson Green wins framework 25 May 2012
Henderson Green has secured a five year framework with Southampton General Hospital. The engineering consultancy won the work with Kier, which has been appointed as P21+ principal supply chain partner for University Hospital Southampton's NHS Foundation Trust capital programme of works.

Zero carbon priority dictates heat pump fitting 25 May 2012
When the Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health Foundation Trust decided to invest £8.2 million in a new hospital unit, it needed to ensure that the building took into account the NHS's target to be zero carbon by 2018 so it installed Dimplex ground source heat pumps.

Legionella and how to protect against it 25 May 2012
As demand for solar hot water systems becomes greater, the question arises as to how such systems protect human health from Legionnaires' Disease. Kevin Potter explores the options