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- July 2011

Energy efficiency: It's curtains for energy wastage 20 July 2011
Air curtains have the potential to save energy, but they need to be designed properly to address end clients’ environmental concerns. Steve Brown discusses the key criteria.

Energy efficiency: Fan coils rise to tough market challenge 20 July 2011
The big take over by chilled beams has not materialised, but fan coil champions still need to work hard to maintain their healthy market position, says David Fitzpatrick.

Company Focus: Getting to grips with renewables 20 July 2011
The growing use of renewable heat sources presents specifiers and installers with a number of challenges, says Adrian Walker, managing director of Hoval.

Contractor focus: Visionary Higgs takes a bow after 38 years 20 July 2011
HVCA chief executive Robert Higgs OBE has had a hand in many of the most significant developments in building services history during 38 years with the association. As he prepared to retire, he took time to look back on a long and successful career.

Burning Issue: Taking an eco-friendly ride on the life cycle 20 July 2011
To be truly environmentally friendly, the entire project should be taken into account including the life cycle of the supply systems, argues Simon Spridgeon.

Health & Safety Matters: Old bug, new problems... 20 July 2011
Cuts in maintenance budgets and mutating legionella bacteria are a nasty combination for building occupants, warns Bob Towse.

Acoustics: Peaceful classrooms rely on cross-talk 19 July 2011
The correct specification and scheduling of cross-talk attenuation is crucial to ensure effective school design, says Mark Balsom

Energy efficiency: A delicate balancing act 19 July 2011
The installation of a hydronically balanced variable flow system can have a positive effect on both energy consumption and costs, according to Peter Rees.

Humidification: Why it pays to take humidification seriously 18 July 2011
Some offices in the UK are drier than the Sahara Desert, leading to big problems for the occupants. However, it doesn't have to be that way, as Andie Chessun explains.

Humidification: Cutting through the fog surrounding humidity 18 July 2011
Significant energy savings can be achieved if humidification systems are specified and installed correctly, as Lindsey Henderson explains.

Filters: Breathing easy 18 July 2011
We have a lot to thank the humble air filter for, says Thomas Klamp.

Filters: If you can't stand the heat... 18 July 2011
Nuisance odours, grease, fat and other contaminants are routinely exhausted from commercial kitchens into the environment without proper concern for the correct application of the filtration systems that should be used to prevent them. Kevin Bristow suggests a way to tackle the problem.

Filters: The hidden costs of dust accumulation 18 July 2011
An effective industrial air cleaning system can help bring costs down, maintain product quality, reduce wear and tear on machinery and improve air quality, says Louise Harris.